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Video Wednesday: Rats, Socks, Cameras and Letters

I’ve come across a few really nice short films recently. Not sure if these can be called films, or are they just clips? Well, no matter what, each of them has made an impression – some funny, some touching, others baffling, stunning and what not.

One thing though common to all is that watching the video led me to hit the Subscribe button on Youtube. Let me know if you reacted the same way after watching them. 😀

Khat by Fully Emotional

A grandfathers advise to his new born grandson in a letter. Sounds cliched but I listened to it twice and want to keep coming back repeatedly, for it’s not often that you hear such sound advise.

Kamera by Purani Dilli Talkies

A little boy aspires to be someone who will put smiles on peoples faces. Then one day he finds a camera in the land fill and life is never the same again.

“OP” Stop Smelling Your Socks by Sriram Dalton

Remember I said baffling at the start. This is the video that has be baffled. Watch it to know why. 😀

Eli – A Sexy Tale by Black Money Productions

This one I saw sometime back on a recommendation by Che. It’s in Tamil but does have subtitles. Worth the watch with an awesome end but to really get it, you have to follow the story!

So those are my selections for this week. Have you watched anything interesting recently? Any recommendations?

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