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Friday Review: #WhatNextAmish?

This is an odd review but WTH, it’s still related to books. 😀

Two weeks ago I received an email from the Westland Publishing team asking me if I’d like to participate in solving the mystery of Amish Tripathi’s new book. Is there any way I could have said no. 😀

Anyway to cut a long story short, after a long wait my surprise arrived two days ago. Here’s what I saw when I opened the carton. A pretty little treasure box.

Inside the box there was an instruction leaflet, a bottle with stuff that looked like mud and a scroll.

The leaflet is the usual type with a welcome message and instructions on how to make entries in the contest.

The scroll however has some interesting clues…

The scroll reads – “A blazing torch in the dark, the city I come from is that of knowledge, and knowledge shines through. Hold me with reverence, good people. I am a bigger clue than I might appear to be. Speaking of rising from the element, as opposed to letting it eventually consume you, the history of my place of origin is as colourful as the traditional art it is known the world over for. A city with a productive present, its yields in the past went on to change the face of ancient India.”

So what’s this all about? Basically this is Amish and WestLand promoting Amish’s next book and doing it in style. I’m glad to see stuff like this finally happen in India in the book space. WestLand is sending 150 or so fans clues that will lead to the subject of Amish’s next book. 5 winners will get gift vouchers worth Rs.500. The prize isn’t compelling enough, I’d have preferred early editions of the book or such but just using the mind to solve the clues in the reason for why I’m participating.

Now on to solving the clue… At the end of the Shiva series I remember having a feeling that his next book would be based in the South of India, I even mentioned it in my review of the Shiva Trilogy but I can’t seem to wrap my mind around the clues.

And this isn’t the only clue. There are two others sent out to others participation. Here are all three…

Most people seem to be of the opinion that it will be either Ramayana, Mahabharata, Buddha or Ashoka. Most weightage is being given to Mahabharata since Amish mentioned it in the second book of the Shiva Trilogy.

But as of now I’m inclined to think his next story will be based in Kancheepuram. If you ask me why, I don’t have all the perfect answers. I started out with the feeling that his next book/series will be based in the South. With that in mind I went hunting for learning centres in the South and came upon Madurai and Kacheepuram as probables. But Madurai does not have any world famous art, Kancheepuram on the other hand does. So.. That’s my guess. How the other two clues fit in I can’t figure out. 😀

Two other places I have on my shortlist of three guesses are – Madurai and Tanjore.

Amish will reveal his next book’s teaser trailer on 23rd January at 6:00pm at the Jaipur Lit Fest and that’s not to far off, it’s just a couple of hours away. Let’s see what comes up…

Back to why this fits into the review category… This is a review of the promotion of Amish’s next book and I am impressed by what the WestLand Team is doing. It’s a well planned event that is causing the right amount of hype in the right circles. Kudos and 5 stars for their efforts. 😀

Update: Amish revealed the title of his next book. It’s Scion of Ikshvaku. I’ve kicking myself coz I have another book on the same topic on my reading list right now. 😀 But really I’d never have guessed that and reason is that I’d thought Amish would be more, that he would not take up the same old ghisa pitta Ramayana story and rewrite it. Maybe he make that fun too. Who knows, time will tell. For now, here’s the teaser trailer…

Additional Info: The book is expected to be released before October 2015 and there will be 4 to 5 books in this Ram series! 😯

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