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Posts from — January 2015

Video Wednesday: My Favourite Top Viral Videos of 2014


I came across’s list of Top 10 Indian Viral Videos of 2014 the other day and took some time out to watch. I was happy to see that some I had already seen and liked. Tastes are getting better! 😀

Here’s the ones I really liked out of the 10 listed.


AIB: Alia Bhatt: Genius of the Year

This one I talked about sometime back too. It’s an super neat way to get back at all those talking down Alia.


Nescafe’s Stuttering Comedian Ad

I real like this ad not only for it’s humour but also for bringing the difficulties someone with speaking difficulty faces. I really like the way they have put across the idea that even handicaps can become strengths.


The Seatbelt Crew

This one came a while back and had me splits. It does a lot of things – entertains, educates about wearing the seatbelt, and puts hijras in a new nice light for a change.


Sex Education In India

This is a good one about the state of sex education in India schools today. The Govt. wants to take India forward in leaps and bounds when it come to technology but what about education, especially sex education. 😀
Don’t miss the chapters in the text book! 😉


The others are good too but they didn’t stand out for me and the Modi Aap Ki Adalat Interview and The Sunny Leone Kapil Sharma Show definitely didn’t. But you can check them out here – The Top 10 Indian Viral Videos of 2014.

January 7, 2015   No Comments

2014: The Year in Review

Now that I’ve written out my plan for 2015, going forward will not be complete without a review of the last year. I’m repeatedly told not to dwell in the past but I believe the path to the future lies in the past. One must deconstruct and understand to past to move forward into new mistakes and learnings. So, a 2014 review post just has to happen. 😀

Then the other day I came across Vidya’s post on ’Thank Outside The Box With Gratitude’ and I was like ‘Hey! That’s a nice way to approach the 2014 review.’ Vidya and Corinne host the Gratitude Circle, a way to share gratitude for at least very thing once a month on the 4th Thursday of every month. 😀 ( I’m looking forward to joining in)

As I sat thinking about all I am grateful for, it hit me, being thankful changes things, the good starts to look great, the bad shrinks and fades to back. The world and life starts to look all shiny and new. Ok Ok, enough of my philosophy, now onto thankfulness. 😀

2014 for quite a year for us, we had some sticky situations, tight spots, crazy days, mad upheavals and yet we also had moments of intense happiness, thrilling achievements, successes that make us proud and awesome memories to take away.

We started the year with moving house, getting 5 dogs together and settling in. Life seemed like madness as we all learned to live together and work it out. But looking back I am so thankful for those days, it has made me stronger.

Walking the dogs everyday seemed like a chore, now it’s something I look forward to everyday, it’s my time with the dogs. I am so thankful for my pack, they complete my family, they are my friends, confidantes and they know me better than me.

Our first house was lovely, all stone and without corners, but our second out does it, or so the dogs think. We moved house mid year and went through the whole logistical nightmare again. The madness of packing and unpacking was just a part of it, moving five dogs is another thing all together. But we survived that and have moved up a level in the Pro-packing team.

‘Pawsible’ is a lovely place. As I sit here and write I have a spread of lawn a step away in the shade of coconut and arecanut trees. Dogs passed out in dappled sunlight. A largeish house where granite dominates and keeps it all cool. There is so much to be thankful for here.

I’m thankful to the powers that be for giving my Granny a long life and to all who helped me be there in Bombay for her 90th birthday this year. It’s was a immense joy to be there.

With 6 dogs overnight holidays are almost impossible but in 2014 we did this too and not once, twice! I am so grateful for Devisri who is amazing with dogs and someone who I can trust my six with.

And now since we’re are already on the fringes of people let me dive into the sea of people I’d like to thank this year.

My Mom and Bro; there is just so much i couldn’t have done without them. Two moves and settle-ins would not have been possible with out Mom’s excellent skills and Bro’s logistic handling.

Doggie friends that helped us make it Pawsible – Parinita, Raji, Devisri, Preeti, Anitra, Chaitanya and anyone I missed. These people jumped in when the going got tough and helped me make sense of a lot of the chaos.

My Dogs – We started out with one 5 years ago and now have six. Each one brings so much to my life. Senti, my forever baby, Buddha the one who teaches me peace and calm, Cuckoo who brings the chaos in her wake, Max whose all about food and love. William the only dog who ever made me pee in a garden, and Elu the little heart of it all, she is a free spirit, a bridge between worlds and a calm before the storm.

And lastly the man who I come close to throttling quite a few times each day. The shore to my sea, the boat to my river, the polariser to my sun, … and more such cliches. All said and done Che has his moments and I’m thankful. 😛

P.S. – Vidya and Corinne, Thank you for getting me started on the Gratitude Trip. :)

January 3, 2015   3 Comments

2015: The Year of Me

Happy New Year Folks!

This post should’ve gone up yesterday but we woke up to a rainy morning that shouted out for cozying up and hot cocoa. The rest like they say is history. 😀

I don’t do well with New Year resolutions. Every year i tell myself that there will be new rules, a list is made and most often these don’t even last a week. Then of course comes the guilt of letting go, not having enough will-power and all such things.

Then there is the guilt over time. Over the years there are just so many things I’ve wanted to do and just never got down to doing. So many resolutions broken. There is always something more important and these little things I want to do just slip through and get forgotten until one day the sheer weight of all that is not done bends me over.

This year I figured things would be different and done different too. This year is about ME.

About all I want to do, be, see, and gee, I hope that will take some things off the bucket list. This year instead of resolutions I am going to make a bucket list for the year – things I’d like to achieve before I get a year older. Nothing that has to be done, today or everyday but rather before 31st December 2015.

  1. Weigh between 53 and 55 kgs. [I so need to put on and keep some weight]
  2. Learn to whistle. [I’m embarrassed to admit that]
  3. Run a half marathon. [This one’s been on the list a long time]
  4. Watch 100 movies. [Ooh! and those cheap masala films too]
  5. Swim for 45 min. at a stretch.
  6. Revamp my blog and find my blogging sweet spot.
  7. Read a 100 books. [And actually do it this time!]
  8. Get the kitchen garden up and running.
  9. Learn at least one new craft.
  10. Shave the head and don’t shave the legs. (or eyebrows) 😀 [The Hairy is Beautiful Campaign]

I’m hoping to achieve all of this by the end of 2015 in-spite of all of life’s googlies. Wish me luck. 😀

Have you made resolutions for 2015? Do you manage to not break your resolutions? How? 😀

January 2, 2015   No Comments