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Tuesday At The Movies: 6 Movies in 20 Days!

Che and I enjoy watching movies, of course we don’t have the same tastes but there is enough of an overlap to provide for combined entertainment. Over the years we have watched a lot of movies together, most are his selection as he does a good job of choosing movies to watch. I could count on my fingers the movies I didn’t like out of his selection.

That said, this year I’ve set myself a bit of a tall order. I want to watch a 100 movies this year. It isn’t much if you compute the year to have 52 weeks. That’s two movies a week and that should be easy. Well, here’s to hoping it is that easy. 😀

This year I’d like to watch not only the movies Che selects but also quite a few others of my choice. There’s the Sudeep Project I talked about earlier that I’d like to complete this year. I’d also like to re-watch a lot of movies I’ve seen and loved over the years. Apart from this I also want to try and watch some classics, some B&W’s, some milestone movies and a couple from the must watch before you die list. 😀

As you can see that’s a lot of movies. I’m going to have to sit down and make a list one of these days. But it’s already 20 days into the year and I’ve made some progress on the movie list. Here’s the movies I’ve already watched.

1. Doom 3

We started the new year with this one. Don’t look at me all funny before of our choice. We wanted an all out masala no-brainer to enjoy on Jan 1st and this one fit the bill. 😀 My thought: It is a masala no-brainer!


2. Michael Madana Kama Rajan

According to Che this is a Kamal Haasan classic and I ain’t arguing. For me some of the movie was lost in translation but I still did enjoy the plot and story. Kamal plays 4 roles and manages to make each one of them distinctly different from each other. It’s a well done performance.


3. The Imitation Game

Based on the life of Alan Turing, the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, this movie at the end had me sputtering with anger at a society that kills genius because it’s gay!


4. Maze Runner

A young-adult post-apocalyptic science fiction, this movie is good masala. Another one on the lines of The Hunger Games. The first part of a trilogy, I enjoyed watching Maze Runner and look forward to the next two.


5. Ankhon Dekhi

This movie I highly recommend. No big names and yet a big story. The movie has a simple thought – you should believe only that which you can see, feel, hear and experience for yourself. It is this thought that sets the stage for the entire movie and yet the end is profound and left me dwelling on it for hours. A must watch!


6. Big Hero 6

I like animations and the ones made by Pixar always strike a chord. Set in San Fransokyo this is the story of a boy and his special bond with an inflatable robot. It’s an exceptionally cute movie with lots of emotion and morals. Want to know more? Watch it! :)


Well, that’s it until now. But not to bad a start eh!? 6 movies in 20 days, I’m quite on track. Let’s see if I can over shoot that 100 number. 😀

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