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Tuesday At The Movies: Into The Woods, Baby and Gone Girl

I’ve made progress on the movie list. Not by leaps and bounds but like the cliche says, every step counts. 😀

Last week I watched 3 movies with Che , out of which one was in an old school theatre. It was such fun to buy a balcony ticket after ages and sit in a non-A/C theatre in slightly uncomfortable seats. And the snacks, they were simple and affordable compared to the 100’s we spent at the multiplex.

I looking forward to more movies in theatres, before they disappear and we are left with only the multi-screen monsters. The non-fancyness of the theatre didn’t take away anything from the movie experience, I think it only added to it.

Now on to the movies I watched –

Into The Woods

What happens when you take Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Rapunzel, and Jack and the Beanstalk, put them together and give it a modern twist? You get a kick ass fairy tale movie from Disney! 😉 A must watch…
My favourite scene was when Johnny Depp howls at the moon in a way that only he can make sexy. 😎



Don’t go by the name, this has nothing to do with those little wailing, pooping bundles. This one is an all out masala action thriller. Not the perfect tight storyline but it still did have me sitting at the edge of my seat most of the time. It also does have some mushy gooey dialogues that had me falling off my chair in laughter!
My favourite scene was when Akshay Kumar charges into a room to save the damsel only to find the damsel has saved herself! Full to full woman power! 😀


Gone Girl

I’d been meaning to read the book before the movie but I finally gave up. The movie is neat, the story is awesome and I definitely need to read the book sometime (especially since Che says a lot of stuff was missing). I never did see what was coming as the story unfolded. Don’t miss this one…

So that’s it for this week. I’m hoping in the coming week to watch some movies on my choice and by myself for a change. 😀

What have you watched recently?

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