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Video Wednesday: Namma Bengaluru

I’ve lived my entire life in this city, and that’s not a short span any more; it’s 35 years! I’ve seen this city change, evolve, get modern, lose it’s innocence, you name it.

Bengaluru is hardly the Bangalore I knew and spent my childhood in, and yet it still has hidden treasures that take you back in time to the city of old.

While so much is changing here, some things are still the same, or at least striving to stay the same, like ‘swalpa adjust maadi’. 😀 These are not just three words, they are the attitude of this city and well, I hope that doesn’t change.

Enough of the nostalgia, here’s the video that got me all nostalgic. 😉 The Fatafat Lungi Production guys have put together a Bangalorean version of #ShitPeopleSay. Enjoi!

If you’re not a Bangalorean or don’t speak great Kannada like me, the video has subtitles, just choose the option at the bottom.

I laughed my ass off at the louwu, mauz, oota aitha, nice bath, go ya, play off John Denver and lastly the awesome way to learn the Bilahari raga. 😀 What stood out for you?

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