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Video Wednesday: The AIB Knockout Controversy

I had meant to do a Video Wednesday on AIB’s Knockout / Roast when it came out on Jan 28 2015 but, before I knew it, it disappeared from Youtube. However it’s up there on DailyMotion, so here goes…

Almost all Indians in India and world over have see the Roast, either on Youtube almost as soon as it came out or on Torrents after those squirmy spineless people who claim to be protecting our culture forced AIB to take it down. I don’t see these people coming forward to protect women, safeguard children’s rights or in any other critical issues.

Anyway this is not a bitching post. And neither is it a treatise on the language used in the show. Considering how easily and nonchalantly we Indian used abusive words, making a brouhaha about it is plain silly and stupid.

I enjoyed the show. I think it’s great that groups like AIB break convention and do something novel. This event was a milestone in the history of Indian Comedy. There’s also something to be said of the courage shown by Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. It’s not easy to stand up there and let your ass be taken while a million people watch. Agreed all publicity is good publicity but still. I personally think all those who participated, including the audience were awesome sports.

I had planned to do a compilation of videos about the AIB Knockout – quips, comments, statements and such for this post. But in all my searching, all that I found was not worthy of sharing. Everyone has a point to make or an opinion. This is fine it’s like freedom of speech [freedom of opinion, you know 😀 ] but how can you have an opinion on something you don’t know about, something you haven’t watched? And how can all reactions be ‘shocking’??

Aamir Khan made a 6 minute statement about the AIB Knockout and a lot has been talked about it. Almost all I have heard is not in favour of Aamir ( even Russell Peters told him to shut up), but on listening to him all I noticed was a man taking a neutral stance. He is on both sides, supporting both sides and finding fault with both. And most importantly (like he repeatedly says) he hasn’t watch the show!

The media seems to have hounded people to get a byte. A lot of those people have not seen the Roast, not heard of the Roast or just seen a clip. Really! What authority do they have to comment. Good to see AB and a few others take the stand of “I didn’t see so I won’t comment”.

Rakhi Savant of course took the cake with her opinion in the matter. “The show has been dubbed. Sab ne unke sath chitting ki hai.” she says. 😛

But all jokes aside, I think Old Delhi Films group said it best with their video about “Things which are more OFFENSIVE than AIB Knockout”.

What did you think of the roast? What I’m more interested in is, what did you think of the Roast Controversy?? 😉

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