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A Year of Composting

Time flies quickly, maybe very quickly. I got reminded of this yesterday when I received an email from the team. I know a year has gone past, it is now 2015 but I hadn’t noticed the time going by.

I’ve completed a year of using the Khambha they said. That’s one year of not throwing any wet waste out of my house. That’s nearly a 100kg of waste kept away from a landfill according to the DailyDump guys. And that’s something to celebrate!

Che and I don’t cook so much and yet we generate a fair bit of waste. I used to feel really guilty about this but after the Khambha came and I started composting I don’t feel so  guilty anymore. At least not about wet waste and kitchen waste.

All my kitchen waste like vegetable peels, vegetable discards, egg shells, bones, and even left over food goes into the composter and comes out as black gold.

I must have made about 5 or so batches of compost until now and have used the compost too. The plants seem to love it and thrive on it. The whole cycle makes me smile and feel so satisfied.

I’m giving back to nature in a way, becoming a part of a natural cycle and in the whole process I’m contributing less to landfills and my dustbin doesn’t smell anymore. I don’t care if the garbage collection guy doesn’t come daily for with only dry waste, there’s no smell or insects to worry about.

The process of composting itself isn’t very intensive. It’s simple to do, takes 5 – 10 minutes daily and maybe an hour or so once in a few months when the compost is ready. And even though all the veggie stuff you put in is decomposing, the compost while it’s getting done does not smell bad.

I love the smell of my compost, it’s an earthy rich smell that fills me with joy every time I stick my nose in there. I started out with composting as gift to myself last year and what a gift it has been. 🙂

Do you compost? Where did you get your composter? What’s your experience with composting?

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