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Video Wednesday: Qissa-e-Parsi | The Parsi Story

Parsi’s are an integral part of Indian society. They may have come to India only in the 8th and 10th Century but yet they have become a part of the fabric of this country.

Legend has it that when Parsi’s first came to India and asked King Jadhav Rana of Gujarat for permission to settle in his kingdom, he asked them how they would live here in the midst of people who were not their own, not like them at all.

The leader of he Parsi’s asked for a bowl of milk and sugar. When these were given to him, he mixed the sugar in the milk and offered it to the King, asking him to separate the two. The King looked at him perplexed and he explained – ‘Your people are like milk and we Parsi’s are like sugar. We will become part of your people and add sweetness to your society.’

Even today, this seems to hold true. Anyone who knows Parsi’s or has Parsi friends will vouch for the wonderful people they are, sweet natured, kind, gentle and with an great sense of humour. They are people who are not just great with numbers but also good at heart.

I came across a video about them them the other day and couldn’t help but smile with fond memories of my Parsi friends. Here’s to some wonderful Parsi people I’m met and dear friends I’ve made over the years. Salute.

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