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Befriend – More Curious Less Cautious

I’m not friendless and can proudly claim to have friends, quite a few of them actually, both across the country and the world. Yet I know I’m not someone who makes friends easily.

I am wary of people, an introvert by nature, I take time to warm up to people. Not that any of this is bad, but add the internet to this equation and it all multiplies.

Yesterday’s post brought comments and quite a few of them. My first reaction when I saw them was joy and happiness, shortly followed by a mild panic attack and fear of getting to know strangers.

My reaction took me by surprise and I sat back to reflect as I watched the dogs. Each of my dogs is different, where one is an extreme extrovert, another is the opposite and a total introvert.

But despite their natures they always seem to want to make friends. Bring a new person home and curiosity sets in as they try to get to know the person. Elu and Max tend to be the first to make friends, while the rest slowly follow.

Thinking about it, it seems making friends is the done thing. It doesn’t matter if it takes time. Taking time is fine, going slow at it is ok too, but befriending people is the end goal. And that must be achieved.

It is something I’ve seen the dogs do repeatedly, even with people who are scared of them, like my sister-in-law. They win them over, slowly and surely. 😀

The Art of Befriending, now that’s something I must learn and achieve. And the A to Z Challenge is going to help me with just that. 🙂

P.S. – My stomach seems to be doing much better now and fever’s gone down. 🙂 Which is great but looks like a looong weekly menu ahead filled with bland food. 🙁

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