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Celebrate – Thats What Life’s For

Our morning routine comprises of getting up, finishing absolutions, waking up fully in the process, getting geared up and heading out for walks.

With 2 big, 2 medium and 2 small dogs, this means at least 3-4 rounds of walks. Over a little more than a year now the morning walks have almost become a ritual, it’s our morning puja. But today we broke pattern and suddenly decided after our absolutions that there would be no walk.

The dogs paced up and down as is their routine wondering why we weren’t getting with the programme. It was time to wear socks and shoes, hitch the pants up, gather collar and lease but we weren’t moving in that direction at all.

Slowly they started to settle back down and quiet reigned again in our home. But that was only until we got up again. We got up to start chores. We were headed up to the store room to pull some stuff out of storage, but that’s not what the dogs thought I think, for we had six bodies pushing us up the stairs saying ‘me too, me too, I want to come too.’

It’s amazing to watch sleeping dogs suddenly get all animated. It could be something as simple or silly as heading up to the terrace but to them it’s all an adventure. It’s something to get all excited about.

It’s like they seem to be celebrating everything!

Update – It rained here this evening. We got our first showers of the year and we celebrated with a little jig in the rain followed by hot chocolate and pakodas. I haven’t make pakodas in a long time but this time I impulsively did. 🙂

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