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Dedication – Keep At It Until You Are Satisfied

Of all my dogs when I think of the word dedication I think of Senti. Sentmeter is a daschund who came into our lives 6 years ago. Before he arrived if anyone had told me I’d have a daschund someday, I’d have laughed and said ‘a sausage dog, no way!’.

Life though tends have the last laugh and so Senti made his entry. When we brought him home I was sceptical but in no time I was bowled over. And all I can says these many years later is “I love sausages even more now.’ 😀

Back to the topic… Senti has this one quirky quirk. This one habit I’ve tried so much to correct but I’ve been unable to. He has this obsession to lick and once he starts licking, he just doesn’t stop.

He will lick the same spot again and again and again and… You get the drift. He’ll go on until it feels like your skin is getting thinner in that one spot. Like you don’t need to wash that part for a while, it’s been cleaned so well.

After years of training and testing I have found only two ways of stopping the Senti Lick OCD. Squeal, jump up and run away, or wait patiently until Senti feels satisfied with the job he has done and stops licking.

His licking and my droning about it may sound silly, but there is nothing silly about Senti’s dedicated licking.

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