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Entertain – In All Ways and Forms

When I first started to think of ‘E’ the word in my head was Energy and there is no doubt some of my boys here have unlimited amounts of it. But a weekend of thought and perspective changed.

I choose the word Entertain because this lesson is not just about being entertainment but also being entertained.

If you are a animal person who has spent time watching dogs or cats you know that these guys are extremely entertaining. With no warning the rascal will do something to make you smile or guffaw in laughter.

But they don’t just make me laugh, every time I burst out laughing it seems the dog is laughing along with me too. It’s almost like they know the joke is on them and they find that funny too.

Laughing at yourself seems more difficult even than making someone laugh. But this doesn’t seem to be a pontiff issue for dogs at all.

Then there’s the being entertained aspect. Somehow the dogs keep themsleves occupied and happy. In Elu’s case it’s at the cost of many leaves and shoes but boy is she happy.

I need to learn the various aspects of this word from the dogs. Make my writing more entertaining, be more entertaining, be more entertained no matter what it’s about, and above all learn to laugh at myself.

After all, if I can tell a fine joke, I should be a fine joke too!

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