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Fulfil – Your Destiny

The scientific bent of my mind and the feminist in me, kind of doesn’t believe in destiny. It’s that thought of having full control over your life, that everything that follows is because of what came before. That it’s all cause and effect and nothing is preordained.

And yet somewhere in my mind is a niggling doubt too. There is that little idea that props up off and on saying not everything is in my control, some things are best left up to fate, that some things happen only if they are meant to be. That the thought of complete control is a fallacy, an illusion.

There is this idea that we are puppets in the hand of a puppet master. The master pulls strings and we dance to its music. We believe we are in control, that we are dancing of our own accord but this isn’t true, it’s a beautiful lie that makes going through life easier.

Now those are the two sides in my head. Which one is real, which one false? Neither one seems to win the battle ever. The cup just seems to keep switching sides.

Right now I’m wondering why the dogs came into our lives? We had so much back then going against having a dog, and here we are with six. We definitely didn’t think each dog through. Each one was just a gut thing, we just knew, and the next thing we knew the dog was family.

It feels like this thing they call destiny, it must have been meant to be. I must have been meant to be in their lives and they were meant to be in mine. But is that all their lives are about? Do they have a purpose to their life?

If’ve you’ve read W. Bruce Cameron’s A Dog’s Purpose then you know what I mean, if not you should check out the book. It’s a must read for all animal lovers.

Anyway, the book is about a dog who is born repeatedly so he can fulfil his purpose in life, one stage at a time. So, do my dogs have a purpose? What is their calling?

One thing I do see in the dogs though for all this questioning. They don’t care. If they have a destiny or purpose they don’t seem too bothered about it. They don’t seem to be living or planning for it. If there is any destiny or purpose they are interested in, it is now.

Like Elu’s current purpose is to see if she can put my jacket to more creative use then my wearing it and Max is constantly looking at me wondering if he is destined for food anytime soon. 😀

It seems to me like they don’t care much for the BIG questions and are happy just living in the moment. It’s as if they are constantly fulfilling their destiny, living it one moment at a time. 😉

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