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Get Off Your Ass – Get Moving

Now, this is one lesson I can learn from only one dog in my pack. Well, it’s true, that when it’s food or something terribly exciting every one of the six will be on their feet in a jiffy but at all other times there is only one that can beat jack-in-the-box.

Cuckoo doesn’t need a reason to be on her feet. She actually needs a very good reason to be off them. Getting to find Cuckoo sleeping and passed out are rare occasions that must be absolutely treasured. She is literally all over the place all of the time, almost omnipresent. 😀

There’s nothing laid back in Cuckoo, she gives her all in all she does and she does a lot! She’s the sentinel of my pack, the all seeing eye. She seems to have a pulse of everything, and is at the heart of everything.

She is a little busybody, a high energy, extreme activity and warmly cuddly dog. Well, it’s all true except for the cuddly. Cuckoo doesn’t like cuddling so much, I think it’s because, she likes her toes always spaced out and free to jump on at short notice.

Cuckoo is always doing something. Sometimes it chasing the birds out of the garden, other times its watching time go by at the gate and sometimes it’s just sitting still and listening to the wind. And she does all of them with equal diligence.

It’s this spirit of hers that I have to find. This state of being that just doesn’t stay still. That is always on the move. Always doing something. Always hopeful. Always looking forward. Always positive.

Over the years I’ve told Cuckoo a lot of things but there’s one thing I’ve never had to tell her – ‘Cuckoo, Get Off Your Ass!’ 🙂

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