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Holiday – Impulsively

Everyday life to me seems all about planning, to-do lists, patterns, schedules,… and all those boring things. I wake up and start out on a schedule. Absolutions, walks, feed yourself, feed dogs, clean up,… You know, my usual routine.

Everyday feels like a race, with milestones and obstacles. You can take short cuts, even some tangents and detours but you still have to pass certain check-points in the set time limit.

On most days it’s all a breeze and I don’t notice the routine but on some days it gets to me. It’s a feeling of claustrophobia that demands a break from the pattern.

The dogs on the other hand seem to take time outs when they want to. When they get tired of doing something, playing a game, or whatever, they drop it and head off to doing something else or curling up for a nap. They take time off. It’s not planned or scheduled, it’s just required.

They seem to understand the idea of rest, relaxation, unwinding, and such stuff better than I do. They take time off so impulsively.That might be the secret to their happiness, – not following a schedule.

I wanted to experience that too, so I figured I’d take a holiday today and do some impulsive stuff. Well, what did I do? I watched 3 old Hindi movies back-to-back. (I’m taking a quick break between movies to post.) 😀

And I feel so good. Taking an impulsive holiday feels so good. 😀

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