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Instinct – It’s a Gut Feeling

The house we lived in previously had a tree on either side of the main gate that spread over the porch. The trees not only provided shade but also covered the floor with berries. It looked like a someone had spilt red and orange beads all over!

One tree was the Singapore Cherry and the other was Duranta erecta. The cherries of the Singapore Cherry tree are edible, they are yummy, super sweet and juicy. The fruits of the duranta though are poisonous.

When we got the dogs home for the first time, and I saw Max, my lab dive towards the cherries, I panicked. What if my doggie vacuum cleaner ate the duranta berries? I lunged after him.

But Max moves way faster than me when there is food involved. By the time I reached him, he had finished vacuuming one section and I was amazed to see no traces of red. All that lay on the floor now were orange berries.

He did this everyday, the red berries got eaten and the orange were left untouched. He instinctively knew that the duranta cherries were unsafe.

This isn’t the only instance, over time I’ve seen the doggie instinct kick in many a time and they are unerringly always right. They know when to not eat, what not to eat, when we are travelling, is it just Che travelling, or both of us, when are going to return,…

Their instincts are super sharp and honed to perfection. It keeps them on their toes and alive! It also helps I guess that they never double guess their instinct.

Yesterday’s post about an impulsive holiday was me following my instincts and it seems I was bang on, for today morning I woke up mind-fucked. Don’t know what’s on my mind, or whats troubling me but I do know I’m lost.

Looks like yesterday was just the start, today’s going to be the real bummer. 😀 So, I’m going to do what I do best when my head feels like a snow globe all shook up and I can’t think straight. I’m going to take time off to read, watch a movie and stare into space.

The dust will settle, it just needs some time. 😛

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