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Joy – Rejoice the Little Things

I like surprises and Che likes giving them. It’s an excellent arrangement and I’m not complaining. 😀

In continuing the surprise series, this morning three guys turned up in a van and brought me this…

My first wave of emotion was excitement and joy. I’ve been wanting a cupboard for my craft for a while now but have been putting it off for just so many reasons.

The second wave was a mix of emotions, upset, joy, anger, excitement. Mixed cause I was happy with the surprise but also sad that I hadn’t got to chose and design my own cupboard.

Then there was a third wave as I spent some time touching, feeling and gazing at my new cupboard. This one was a emotional roller coaster of warm happiness, tender love, and innate joy.

Looking back at my reaction series I’m a bit ashamed of myself for being upset. That was rather selfish of me, and even a little bit mean. I should have been happy, for there was so much to be joyful about.

The cupboard itself may not be a big thing but it was made up of a lot of big small things. It’s an awesome gift as I so needed it. I hadn’t realised how much Che had understood my want of a craft cupboard. How much I missed not having my craft stuff at hand.

And this isn’t just any cupboard, this is a piece of perfection. The KYNKYNY team doesn’t make furniture, they make art. There are hidden handles for the drawers, absolute smooth surfaces and each drawer opens at the slightest touch on rollers that feel like butter. 😀

So while I sit and mull over myself, my Bow Wow Gurus chide gently… Don’t be petty, find the small joys in life, size does not matter, be happy, rejoice everything, even the little things.

I’ll try harder Masters…

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