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Naughty and Nice – Makes for Some Spice

The old Santa song asks if you have been naughty or nice and it forever seems to have imprinted ‘or’ between these words. But when I see Gubbi I know it’s possible to put these two words together with an ‘and’.

Gubbi is almost as old as Elu, a little over a year old and like Elu she is all puppy and all energy. Constantly playing and charging around, but unlike Elu she just doesn’t rest. Even Elu with all her puppy-energy takes breaks but not Gubbi.

A friends dog, Gubbi visits off and on and when she is home something is always happening. She and Elu get along like a house on fire and there is always some mischief afoot. And when it’s not mischief with Elu, Gubbi is up to something with someone else.

With a little mean streak Gubbi believes is playing hard and playing rough. A hyperactive dog who just can’t sit still, who is always jumping and is everywhere all at the same time; Gubbi is a little devil.

And yet she is also an angel. She can be oh so cute and kind when she wants to. She is this loveable and adorable thing at times who does things that make you go ‘awww’ and you can’t help but wonder.

I’ve known Gubbi since she was just over a month old. I’ve watched her grow from a bumbling puppy to a long legged beauty and she has turned out to be a beautiful bundle of good and bad.

She’s that marvellous mixture of naughty and nice that would leave even Santa perplexed. 😀

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