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Opportunity – Grab It

The one lesson from the dogs that is always in my face is grabbing opportunities. They don’t miss any when they come by and sometimes even create the opportunity.

It doesn’t matter whether it is food, toys, a good scratch, a cuddle, a walk, or anything else. When they get a chance they don’t think twice and they don’t dilly-dally either, they just go for it.

Buddha gets digging the first chance he gets.


The ‘Go For It’ isn’t in half measures either. When they get started they do it with their full 100 percent. No holds barred, no holding back, they play the game as all or nothing.

Of course they never walk away with nothing and a lot of times they don’t even get it all but I’m yet to see them not do something because of that. They still do the same thing with their full heart again and again, every time.

Neither does Buddha miss an opportunity to grab my spot on the bed.


They are extremely opportunistic and I love my opportunistic dogs even when they apply this attitude to the things they shouldn’t do… like destroy my house, my clothes, my shoes and everything else that appeals to them. 😛

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