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Play – It’s Not Just for the Young

I got Cuckoo and Senti when they were puppies but the years have rolled by unnoticed and they are now 6 years old. That’s middle age in a dogs life!

They used to play a lot when they were younger but over time the playing reduced and we hardly noticed it since it happened gradually. The other three in my pack came to us when they were already middle aged and they preferred to lounge than run about playing.

This was the state of affairs in our household last year. The only times I saw a lot of activity in the dogs was when walks were about to happen or food was going to appear. At all other times they lazed about and sometimes investigated a toy lying around.

Then came Elu. When we first thought of adopting Elu, we were in two minds about it. All our dogs had crossed the five year mark, and we didn’t know if the dogs would want a young one around. Neither did we know if a puppy would fit in, if she would be happy in the pack.

We had a lot of questions but we went ahead anyway and Elu came home. And things were never the same again. She slowing and relentlessly won each one over. The old boys didn’t make it easy but slowly and steadily she wormed her way into the pack.

She was playful like a puppy should be, a bundle of energy always wanting to be doing something and she got everyone involved. The oldies seemed to get a new lease of life, they were suddenly playing and running about again. It was like they had rediscovered their puppyhood.

Elu changed the dynamic of our pack, she taught us to play again, unhindered, unrepentant, and unleashed. To play for only one reason – the joy of playing!

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