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Quality and Quantity – The Eternal Battle

We’ve been taught repeatedly that it’s quality over quantity. That quality is more important than quantity and I agree, it’s true. However does it have to be more important?

Having a labrador in the house has forced me to change perspective. Maximus or MaxiTaxi as I love calling him has only two priorities in his life. Eat and sleep.

He likes doing other things too, like going for walks, killing lizards (yep he has that nasty habit) and playing sometimes but these aren’t the things that rock his boat. What he cares about most is eating and sleeping.

And when it comes to eating and sleeping, it’s all about quantity. Max does not choose between meat, chicken, kibble or anything else as long as it’s food. All he’s interested in, is finding out how much of it is there.

The more the quantity the happier he is. The rest of my pack may turn up their noses at what is given sometimes and also turn away after a certain amount but not so with Max. He’s all about getting the most out of the box.

To Max, and maybe to most labradors quality and quantity are the same. Push come to shove quantity will be more important than quality. And in some cases I think he has it right.

Making the most of something, or getting all that can be got from something, is a worthy lesson.

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