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Sensitivity – Unto Others and Yourself

When it comes to sensitivity we have both ends of the spectrum in our house. We have both – be sensitive unto yourself and be sensitive unto others.

I sensitivity as two types, one in which you are sensitive to what others are going though, feeling, experiencing and the like. Where you sympathise and empathise with someone who is suffering or in pain.

The other level of sensitivity is the one that make you touchy, makes you react to what people do to you, to what you are experiencing, to what people are saying. In this one you tend to growl and snap at people under the right circumstances.

And like I was saying we have an example of both in our house. Both examples are mongrels, only 6 years apart.

Cuckoo has always been a touchy dog. She doesn’t like certain things at certain times. Like try telling her to get away from the gate and come in when there is a cat out there and you’re going to see some fireworks.

Or when she sleeps. She likes to curl up at tummy level and expects you to curl up around her, but, but but but, you cannot curl up tight or touch her paws in any way. This she will not tolerate. When it happens accidentally (we’ve been trained well) she will growl, jump out of bed and promptly paw your face to get do it right all over again.

Cuckoo is super sensitive but then so is Elu, only at the other end of the spectrum. She isn’t a touchy dog, rather she is in tune with people around her. Super sensitive to whats happening to her people.

When Che or I get even mildly upset, hurt or we are unhappy for any reason, it is amazing to watch how Elu picks up on i and will be immediately by your side. Nudging, licking and trying to find a way to distract you and make you feel better.

In her head, I think Elu thinks her cuteness can override any bad thing. And it’s true, Elu can make you smile no matter what. Her immediately attention when I’m am down and out is one of the most wonderful things I have experienced. It makes you bounce back and how.

For me, there is something to learn and take away from both…

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