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Tolerance – Understand and Accept

I used to be a judgemental person some years ago. Ready to assess and dismiss people easily, not giving them a chance most of the time.

Over the years though, this has changed, I’m less judgemental now, or so I think. I still land-up judging people even before I realise I am doing it but now I can stop myself when I realise it. I am a lot more tolerant now than before but I have a long way to go.

William as I was saying yesterday has been abused and this abusive history of his has made him less tolerant and a lot more cranky than most dogs. He doesn’t like being disturbed, his personal space is much larger than normal and he gets upset at any invasion of it.

There are constant instances of him mock charging and scolding the other dogs for walking past him or playing in his vicinity. He used to do this with me too earlier and my reaction to it was usually to retaliate and scold him.

The dogs on the other hand, stop in their tracks when he does this. They freeze, look away, take two breaths, and then continue on their way like nothing happened. It’s as if they understand him and his issues and are saying “It’s ok dude, chill out!”.

They seem to have a tolerance for each other built into their natures, it’s what keep them glued as a pack. They understand each other, each others quirks, irritants, likes, dislikes, and histories.

But I think it’s not just that they understand or tolerate each other but that they accept each other, without changes or modifications, they accept each other just as they are.

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