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Vice – There Should Be At Least One

Yesterday, when I realised that today’s letter was ‘V’ I started to shortlist words. There weren’t too many to choose from and none seemed satisfactory. ‘Vice’ though kept cropping up.

There isn’t much to write about vice and to top that, it’s a word with negative connotations. I spent last night and most of today thinking how I would work it in. I even tried to look for other easier words but vice just didn’t go away.

Then I turned to Google for rescue. Here’s two meanings google lists –

– immoral or wicked behaviour.
– an immoral or wicked personal characteristic.

Now I’m not going into the immoral part but the wicked seemed right up my ally, or for that matter the dogs ally. 😀

My doggies are angels, yes, but they can surface the devil sometimes. And each one has their own unique little devil-dog with his trident.

Elu loves to chew on things and a lot of times, it things she shouldn’t be chewing. Like the dress she made holes in this morning.

Senti has a silly OCD of licking, he has his favourite spots in the courtyard and then he just licks and licks and licks the same spot.

Cuckoo is a cranky bitch. She loses it when there is another dog on the other side of the gate and in her frenzied state she takes out her excitement on any dog that’s stupid enough to be around her in the heat of the moment.

Max considers some of the weirdest things as food and the yuckiest thing I caught him eating is human feces. I know, yuck!

William chooses to sleep in the oddest of spots, and then gets upset when you jump over him to get to the kitchen. He’s like a walking obstacle course.

Then there’s Buddha, who is an all round wonderful dog, except that he will scold you for everything. Tell him to go out and he’ll bark at you. Call him for dinner and make him wait and you’ll get told off. Scold a dog and he’ll scold you, he’ll even scold the dogs when they argue.

All of these may not seem like negatives but that depends on how you look at it. To me vices don’t have to be negative, they just have to be wicked and weird. They add to the character the dog or person and help you appreciate the good things about them.

I’ve had a lot of vices over the years, some have stayed and a lot of changed or gone away. But some are always around. I can’t be all good, right? 😉

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