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Wisdom – What’s Wise All About

I’ve been unable to decided between ‘wholehearted’ and ‘wisdom’ all of today but now at the end of the day, wisdom it shall be for I haven’t told you much about Buddha until now and this is the word for him.

Buddha or #BuddhaTheWise as we call him, came into our lives about 4 years ago. A timid retiring little thing Buddha was hardly ever heard and sometimes not even seen. He spent his first Diwali with his head stuck between the wall and the beanbag and the crackers made a racket.



Buddha had always been a timid dog, we had been told. He did like confrontations and his way of avoiding that was to become the side-kick Tiger at a very young age. Tiger was the alpha of the pack and Windward Kennels and no one messed with Buddha as messing with him was messing with Tiger.

But that didn’t take away from Buddha in anyway for he won best in breed 7 times and was one of the stud dogs at Windward. Life was good for Buddha who preferred to sit and stare at birds and bees rather than chase them. That is until Tiger passed away.

Things changed then, he suddenly didn’t have his bodyguard anymore, he started getting noticed, pounced on and he began to retreat into himself. The Buddha we brought home was a timid dog who spent most of the day under chairs keeping out of everyones reach. We hoped a change of pack would give him a new life.

Four years later, looking back I know we couldn’t have been more right. Buddha has blossomed into a dog all his own. He scolds you for everything, charges out with the pack at strange sounds and strangers, and can be the cutest thing at times.



He isn’t the dog we brought home any more. Still timid around people, he stands up for himself just fine with dogs. Interestingly William, my Golden Retriever is most scared of Buddha who makes him toe the line with such ease.

Now that you know so much about Buddha, lets get to the topic of this post – wisdom. This is one thing I’ve seen in large quantities in Buddha. He knows when to fight and more importantly when to walk away. Most often, we rather walk away then have a fight. He spends hours in contemplation and I’d give so much to find out what he’s thinking.

Buddha is so wise, he even looks wise! 😀

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