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Xenial – Hello Stranger!

It’s almost the end of the A to Z Challenge but now in the last few days it gets the most difficult, with X, Y and Z throwing up the big challenges.

Try finding words with X! That’s tough as it is, add to that the twist of the word being positive and meaningful and you leave yourself just a couple of words to choose from. So well, after a lot of searching and pondering, my choice for X is Xenial.

Xenial relates to hospitality or relations between a host and guest. It traces its roots to Greece where it defined customs between people of different cities. It means being hospitable to stangers and foreigners who are visiting and in it’s adjective form it could also mean giving gifts to strangers.



Cuckoo House. This is what most people who’ve ever been home call our house. If you’ve ever visited I’ll not have to explain. But for those who haven’t, after Cuckoo came home 7 years ago, the house was ours no more. Cuckoo is the dog you first meet at the gate, she is always at the gate, the face of our home.

She is a dog you never forget after you’ve met her. A strong personality she makes an impression for sure, it may be good or bad but a strong and lasting impression it is. She has always been somewhat an enigma, there are just to many times I haven’t been able to figure her out.

Why she takes to some people and not others is a mystery. The ones she takes too, go away to forever ask about her first when they call, or look forward to meeting her when they return. Those she doesn’t like (thank god, that’s a rarity), rarely return.

But she isn’t the most xenial of my dogs at all times, being the moody temperamental one that she is. The others balance her out with their love and care. Mainly the ones who are the xenial ones in my house are Buddha, Max and Elu in age order, in xeniality it’d be reverse.

Elu melts and wins over every heart. If we had a Miss Xeniality competition, she’d win it hands down. She knows just what it takes to please people, and can read people to know what would melt whose heart.

Both mongrels but both so different. Yet what they have in common is a knack of winning people over, of worming into their hearts, curling up there and staying for ever.

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