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Young-at-Heart – The Child Within

Being young-at-heart is something I didn’t understand or appreciate when I was younger. Now as I get older I notice the inner child a lot more and enjoy it too.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more serious, more busy and less playful. Maybe it’s the responsibilities that have creeped in, or the traumas of day to day life.

But what ever the reasons may be, losing that child within – that smiles at silly things, thrills at simple joys and finds happiness and joy in everything, – is not to be allowed.



I still remember Cuckoo as a puppy her naughtiness and playfulness had us constantly wondering when she would grow up. But neither did we notice time pass nor how the playfulness receded over the years.

But when Elu came last August suddenly the quietness of our house became apparent. She brought everyone to life with her peppiness, her puppy playfulness and knack for making mischief.

The dogs who had become quite, sedentary and solitude seeking, suddenly sprang into play. Well, truthfully it wasn’t sudden, Elu had her work cut out as she nudged each dog into becoming a puppy again.

Elu went at each dog relentlessly, slowing working her way into their hearts and lives and over time she has gotten each one of them to become a little bit of a puppy again.

Maybe they don’t play as much as she does but in a day everyone of them plays a little, sometimes with her, sometimes with someone else, and sometimes with themselves.

But no matter what, everyday I get to see a little bit of puppyness in each of them, and I’m reminded that ‘You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old.’

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