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Zestful – Go For It With Zeal

Today’s the last day of the AtoZ Challenge. Come Monday I’ll be back to regular posting on the blog. The challenge has been fun but I’m looking forward to getting back to regular mundane blogging again. 😀

Trying to choose my word with Z, I though ‘zestful’ would be apt to close with. The dictionary defines Zestful as full of energy and enthusiasm. This is how I’d want my blogging to be, I want to blog with zeal.

Zestful is a word I’d use for my first and my youngest dogs. It applies to the others too but with them it’s only in certain areas. With Cuckoo and Elu it applies in every thing.

There is nothing I can think of that Elu and Cuckoo do without their whole heart. They put their everything into everything they do. Where they find the energy for it all is a great mystery to me but they find the energy for everything.

I’ve even tried taking them for long walks that leave them tired with their tongue-lolling out but give them a sip of water and say shall we go and up they are again wondering what you plan to do next.

And those enthusiasm levels are the same no matter what. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a walk you are proposing or a trip to the terrace, the energy levels and excitement is the same. Nothing is boring to these two, everything is an adventure packed with fun.

They have an amazing outlook to life, a way of living that leads to full life!

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