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Giveaway and Interview: – A Free Online Selling Platform for Artisans and Small Business

I’ve been doing giveaways for the last two weeks now, but this one’s different and that has me all excited. I hope you like it too. :)
***Scroll to the bottom for the giveaway!!***

A few days back I heard of for the first time. Curious cutlet that I am I headed straight to it and was left a little overwhelmed with the options. After a little lurking around, I realised it was a site that helps artisans sell their creations for people like you and me to buy. It’s a new online marketplace that is launching in India.

But there are other sites like that already, there’s,, and that operate in India, so what makes different? Here’s Alice from answering that question and others.

[The guys are also giving away EZB’s worth $25 each to 5 lucky people. Check out the giveaway at the end to participate.] :)

Q. Hi Alice. Let’s start out with a little bit about

Alice: is an online platform where anyone in the world can sell anything they like, for free! It’s really easy to sign up, create a shop and start selling on We are not just your online shop, but also a social network where you can meet like­-minded people and connect with local and international vendors.

Q. How and when did first get started?

Alice: The idea behind was created in the summer of 2012, when friends, Ossian and Frank, discovered that there are many small businesses really struggling in the economic crises and the only way to keep these companies going, is to go online. It can be a lot of hassle to design, market and run your own website, especially with little time and money, so that’s where was formed! is a place where small business owners can sell, network, blog, create events and keep their social media all in once place.
It was in February 2013 that was launched.

Q. Where is based out of?

Alice: The main office of is located on the sunny Mediterranean island Mallorca, in Spain. All our staff are very busy, but it is always nice to have good weather outside to enjoy after a hard days work! However the platform is of course, international!

Q. Which countries does work in?

Alice: We have showrooms in over 140 countries and counting, and the site functions in 9 different languages!
Our main markets at the moment are India, Germany and Spain.

Q. Why did you choose India for

Alice: began in Europe but as we began to grow more and more, we decided to head outside of the continent. India is a country full of talented artisans and many of them struggle with setting up their company or doing things online. As is completely free of charge, we wanted to open into a market which could really see the benefits.

Q. Are there any special requirements for selling on

Alice: You can really sell anything on the platform, as long as it’s legal! We do not think creativity should be restricted so if you are a business or individual who wants to share their products or services, you can, with us!
It’s easy! You can sign up in just a few minutes – or faster if you connect via Facebook or Twitter. Get started now!

Q. Do sellers have to ship their own products or do you provide shipping?

Alice: Shipping is done by the sellers in the best way for their company. They ship the items straight to the buyer in order for shipping to be as easy and fast as possible.

Q. Can users buy products from anywhere in the world?

Alice: Yes, users can buy products from any country as long as the seller is willing to ship internationally, most of them are, but you should check first!

Q. There are many different types of currencies shown. How does a buyer go about buying in his/ her countries currency?

Alice: There are a lot of different currencies on because we want to make it possible for anyone to sell with us. If you want to buy in your own currency, you can make an international transfer online, without a problem. For international transfers, it is probably better to use our internal currency EZBs as these will avoid transaction fees or exchange rates.

Q. What are EZB’s? How can users buy them? How much is one EZB worth?

Alice: EZB’s are the points we have on and can be used to swap and trade within the marketplace. One EZB is equal to about 1$ and translates to each currency accordingly. You can buy EZB’s on the site here You also earn them for being active on!

Q. How is different from other online e-commerces?

Alice: We are completely free and do not take commissions and there are no fees for opening a showroom with us. We believe that anyone should be able to start their company and sell online, despite where they are in the world or how much money they have.
We also have an internal currency where users can buy and sell products without needing money, this also helps people in countries with weaker economies sell for fair prices.

Q. If does not charge a commission. How does it make money?

Alice: Just like other big online companies such as, Google, Youtube and Facebook, we make money from advertising on our website.

Q. Any tips for people who are thinking about selling on

Alice: Growing a business is like bringing up a child, you have to care for it and maintain the attention! When you make a presence online, people will notice and it will help to build a trust with the public. Stay active on the platform, be genuine, and talk to people!

The interview answered my many questions about [Thanks Alice :)]. I hope it helps you decide about using it to buy and sell too.

If you are an artisan or small business, please do try out Ezebee. I’d like to hear how it worked out for you. I’d also like to know which other online marketplaces you use and which ones you like best. (This information is just for my knowledge and interest and is in no way related to 😉

I have not received any payments for this post from or its associates.
But they have offered giveaways, so on to it now. :)


This giveaway is open to all countries and sponsored by To participate please follow instructions in the Rafflecopter widget below.

Five winners will be chosen by a random drawing at the end of the giveaway. Each winner will receive 25 EZB’s worth $25 in their account at

There are three ways to participate and each activity gets you one entry. The Twitter and Facebook activities can be done everyday to earn extra entries until close of contest. :)

Happy Shopping and All The Best! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  • Maia Ivic

    Ooohh this looks like such a cool platform, my friend told me shes selling earrings there!

  • Thanks for stopping by Maia :) It is a pretty cool platform isn’t it and I like that it is not limited to a country or type of product.

  • Ashwini NageshAditi

    Lovely handbag collection!

  • Shrinidhi Rai

    Cute stuff!

  • They have some lovely handmade stuff, and from all over the world too! :)
    Maybe you can get a handbag when you win. 😉

  • Ashwini NageshAditi

    wow, really cool 😀

  • Some of those little things for little girls are lovely aren’t they. :) All the best!

  • Kartik Jain

    I want the EZB’s

  • Thanks for stopping by Kartik and participating :)

  • Rashmi Swamy


  • Good to see you here Rashmi :)

  • Parvathy Mira

    Though i haven’t availed of services like Ezebee as a seller, I have bought products from them. As a consumer it is easier for me to browse through products and buy them from the convenience of my home and I’m sure the same feeling extends to the sellers too. Thanks to online marketplaces like Ezebee, business has become simpler :-)

  • Thanks for stopping by Parvathy and sharing your Ezebee experience :)