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The 500th Milestone Giveaway

*** Scroll down for Giveaway***

This is my 500th blog post, so the WordPress dashboard tells me.

Milestones are made a big deal of, they are looked forward to, they are celebrated, they make you swell with pride, filled with the joy of achievement. But milestones are just stones that get all their meaning from little squiggles on them. It is these squiggles that are the true milestones. And one can squiggle anything.

I have travelled many kilometres and many roads across this country and as a traveller I know well the joys and the sorrows of milestones. Some have found me wringing my hands and others doing a tizzy tango. Each milestone is special, is remembered, no matter it’s size and largesse.

I started blogging in 2004. (Don’t believe me, check out my first ever blog post – Mulangiri 22-23 May 2004.) Last May made that 10 years of blogging, I had big plans, I wanted a celebration, you know the works. But life had plans too and… you know the rest.

Then, Tuesday night the number 499 popped out at me from the WordPress dashboard. And I was like, ‘wow’. That may be a small number to most seasoned bloggers but it was big to me. I had actually written 499 pieces of text!, so what if that took me 10 years. 😀

So, (my favourite filler), I’d like to celebrate and share the happiness and sense of achievement I feel right now. I figured a very special giveaway is due. So ;), here’s the deal – 5 winners win something I have made. It will be fun for me to make each winner something special (plus I haven’t been doing craft in a while, and this will be a perfect push).


To participate in this giveaway, all you have to do is choose one item from the below list of 5 and tell me in comments. Next Friday I will pick 5 random winners using :)

Winners will have to be a little patient though as I will have to make each individual prize.
The Giveaway is open to all, however if you live outside India, it will take me longer to figure out how to get your prize to you.

Large Snowflake (colours will be personalised)


Snowflake (colours will be personalised)


Candy Stick


Japanese Filigree Fan


Santa, The Santa Claus


Snowy, The Snowman


Striped Earrings (colours will be personalised)


Flower Earrings (colours will be personalised)


Chequered Earrings (personalised colours)


Bonus Giveaway

One of the 5 random winners will also win a personalised bottle. {Sorry, don’t have pics of the finished bottle, but imagine this being prettier with faery lights. 😉 }

***Please note, except for the bottle, all the others are between 2 and 5 inches in width and height.

I’m excited to see what you will chose. Each of these pieces was a labour of love {cliched I know 😀 } and I’m looking making them again. It’ll be such fun.

All the best. Don’t forget to tell me what you want in comments. :)

Winners Update:

Congrats Manidipa, Harishri, Sindhoor, Sindhu, Ashwini on winning in the giveaway. Congrats Sindhoor on winning the bonus prize. :)

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  • Sindhoor Pangal

    Oh I’d absolutely love one of those bottles for my centre :)

  • Thanks for stopping by Sindhoor :) The bottle is a bonus prize. Which other one would you like as the main prize?

  • Sindhu Rao

    I love the large snowflake & that Japanese Filigree though <3 And, Congratulations on 500th :)
    I remember my milestone of running for a whole year. Celebrated it by gifting myself a run in Auroville. small joys, I tell you.

  • That Japanese Filigree Fan is one of my favourtites too :) All the best Sindhu. :)
    Running consistently for a whole year is some milestone indeed!
    Small joys bring big smiles, don’t they. :)

  • Harishri Babuji

    I like em all :)

  • You are amazing. That’s all I know. I cannot choose. Tell you what! Let me surprise you with a gift when we meet! What say? <3 Hugs Freya..congrats on this milestone. Yes, they are special!

  • Well, chose one for now… for the Christmas tree and maybe more will come after 😀

  • Jeez thank you. :) Me loves gifts 😀
    whats the emoticon for hugs back? *hugs back*

  • Ashwini NageshAditi

    Beautiful earrings Fatema Freya Rehman, if I was in Bangalore I would come to pick! I like the first earrings- black n white checks :)

  • Ashwini NageshAditi

    Congratulations on 500th :) Freya Rehman

  • The chequered earrings it is Ashwini, duly noted. :)

  • Thank you. :)

  • Manidipa Bhattacharyya

    the big snowflake or the black white striped earring…or anything you create :)

  • Chris

    Freya, the earrings all are crafted without a flaw. Showed them to a dozen people in chennai, all appreciations and congrats to u from them :-). Congratulations from me as well! Personally I liked Santa . But I love the way the snow man is pictured . Keep more of your insights and energies coming in. !!

  • Congrats Manidipa :)

  • Thanks for stopping by Chris :)

  • Congrats Ashwini :)

  • Congrats Harishri :)

  • Congrats Sindhu :)

  • Congrats Sindhoor :) And double congrats on winning the bottle too 😀

  • Sindhu Rao

    Oh wow. What a news to come home to :) Thank you, fatema :)

  • Sindhoor Pangal

    Oh my! No way! So cool indeed. My centre is going to look cooler with this in it. Congratulations on 500!