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2015: My Year in Books 

My Year in Books 2015

For three years now, I’ve repeatedly tried to hit that 100 number. I set myself the challenge of reading 100 books in a year and fell short every year. But, I did read more than the last year, every year.

Playing the number game with something I absolutely love doing was a learning experience. I realised as I pushed myself to read more, faster, that I was losing interest in reading. If I wasn’t fully enjoying what I was reading I was literally dragging my way through the book. And that wasn’t fun!

The drive to read 100 books slowly from excitement became guilt. And it was some time in October that it hit me, that I was being silly and stupid. I dumped the challenge. I’m going to stay of challenges this year.

Instead this year I’d like to explore the book space that exists online. I’d like to join communities, make more friends, learn for about the book world, and all such things. I want to look-out, expand my book horizon, and also look-in at my reading history and see what I’ve been doing.

In 2014 I’d been swamped by review requests that I’d excepted, so in 2015 I’d been more careful about books I accepted, made time lines more clear, and learned to say ‘no’. This year I’m going to try and hold it there, and create space for reading books from my #ForeverTBR.

This post won’t be complete without the stats of last year, so…

Reading challenge

I’d didn’t do all that bad on the challenge – 74/100. And better than 2014 (2014-59, 2013-56, 2012-68, 2011-65).

Perry Mason was the biggest contributor to my numbers with 47 of the series read this year. I don’t know why but I’d put off Perry Mason all these years, but once I started mid last year, I couldn’t stop until I’d finished the series and watched a season of the TV series starting Raymond Burr. 😀

I accepted and reviewed 15 books last year.

11 books were written by Indian authors.

Pages read on 2015

I read 14799 pages, more than 2014 (13240) but less than 2012 (25412).

book stats 2015

Majority of books were read as ebooks on the Kindle and the longest book was Good Omens at 430 pages.

average rating 2015

2 books got 2 stars from me, 44 books got 3 stars, 25 books got 4 stars, and I gave only 3 books 5 stars!
Good Omens by Terry Pratcheet and Neil Gaiman
Learn how to Compost by Margette Riley
Love Muffin and Chai Latte by Anya Wylde

Goes with out saying that I recommend the three above, but here are a 5 more I recommend.

It’s a Wonderful Death – Sarah J Schmitt
Warrior – Olivier Lafont
The Seeker – Karan Bajaj
Palm’s Foster Home for Peculiar Stories – C. G.Salamander
The Heat and Dust Project – Saurav Jha, Devapriya Roy

That’s about it from 2015, let’s see how 2016 pans out. Happy Reading! 🙂

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