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Another First – My First 5K at the Pinkathon

#IAmAFinisher at Pinkathon

The first time you do something, anything, it’s special. It’s the first time you experience the doing of it, feel the accomplishment, revel in the sense of achievement, and undergo all the myriad emotions attached. This year’s Pinkathon 5K was a first for me; the first time I ran a 5K, the first time I ran with 11,000 other women, the first time I ran the Pinkathon. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

I’d been training through January for this run but actually finishing was a beast unto itself as not all had gone to plan. Training had suffered a couple of times when I fell sick in the month and the last week was spent more in recovery than practice. All these had been niggling worries throughout but one thing I was sure of, I was going to do the run, no matter what.

The night before I had butterflies, sleep was difficult and I was excited and yet super nervous. Would I really pull this off?

All set for Pinkathon

All set for the Run

I woke up at the first ring of the alarm and started out with the rituals, – a litre of water, a bowl of oats & banana, a wholesome shit, and I was ready to get dressed. I left for Whitefield, all ready and hopping on my toes with excitement.

In the last week before the run, I’d figured out that I had other friends running too. Sindhu was running her 3rd Pinkathon and this year she was helping first timers with her group ‘Who Run The World ? GIRLS!!!’, for running buddies make it so much easier. Supriya was running in Delhi to motivate us friends in Bangalore. Then there was Juvena, my desk-partner and one of the first people I ran with in school. And Kavitha, a old friend and fellow sportswomen who was running 10K.

Running Buddies - Bhawna & Me at Pinkathon

Running Buddies – Bhawna & Me

I was excited that I might bump into these guys, but the person I was looking out for when I reached was my running buddy – Bhawna, who was the one who started it all for me when she signed up for the Pinkathon. And she wasn’t running alone, there was also Little B. 🙂

It all started with Zumba as a warm up at 5:30 but it was 7:15 by the time we got running. Why the delay, no idea but we’d warmed up three times and taken three loo breaks too before we got going. But once we set out, that was it.

Zumba at Pinkathon

Warm up was with Zumba

Late Start at Pinkathon

The Zumba just went on and on

Little B ran the first 500 meters with all her might and would have run more if the 2 hour wait hadn’t tired her out I think. But after she stepped away Bhawna and I started out in earnest, pushing each other to keep the pace as we weaved in and around the multitude of women walking.

The women I saw as I ran past them amazed me. There were women in all shapes and sizes, mothers carrying babies and even mothers pushing prams, but they ones who stood out for me were the visually impaired women. The turn out was supposed to be 11,000 women!

Little B at Pinkathon

Little B in full run mode

11,000 women ran Pinkathon

Starting out on the run

11,000 Women ran Pinkathon

Almost at the finish line

Pink Man at Pinkathon

The Pink Man at Pinkathon

Finished 5K Pinkathon

Phew! I Just finished my first 5K!

Running Buddies at Pinkathon

Running Buddies!

I finished my 5k in 39 minutes, not a great show but with all the obstacles through January, I was proud to finish. The run was a learning experience, a reminder of how much I enjoyed running and what I’d been missing all these years.

There were some learnings too, for my next Pinkathon –

– Don’t get to the venue too early. Just be on time.
– Carry water and food, just in case it starts late.
– Run the 10k (timed) to start on time and avoid the rush & heat.

I’m looking forward to running a lot more in future and the bar has been upped to try a 10K. It’s amazing how much joy there is in suffering. Can’t wait to get started on my next training program! 🙂

Do you run? Got tips for me? Books on running you recommend? All info is good info right now so please tell me all in comments. 🙂

P.S. – My first 5k Pinkathon would not have been possible without help from Che, who supported me throughout and made sure I ate right, and my mother who was the silent force helping me through those tough days of pain. Love you guys! xxx

P.P.S. – You can read Bhawna’s side of the story of Pinkathon on her blog –

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