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My Top 3 Must Read Romances

3 Must Read Romances

I’m a sucker for romance. Nothing beats ‘love wins all’ and ‘happily ever after’ in my book and yet two of the books I’m going to share today don’t have the conventional ‘happy endings’.

Over the years I’ve read a large number of romantic novels, a mix bag of classics, mills & boons, historical, paranormal and contemporary romances. But of them all, three stand out for me and are my all time favourites.

These are the books I’ve read, re-read and intend to keep re-reading over the years. Each one of them has characters and elements I absolutely love and adore.

So in no particular order here are my top 3 must read romances… I’m not going into storylines here, (you can check out their blurbs on Goodreads or Amazon) but I’m going to tell you what I love about them.

Far Pavillions

(Goodreads,,, Flipkart)
Far Pavilions - Must Read Romance

Before I read this book, Gone with the Wind topped my list but after Far Pavillions, my world of romance was never the same again. This book has all that I love – a handsome dashing hero, a heroine with guts, Indian tamasha and drama, a mountain-desert setting and adventure galore!

What I love about this book is how well M. M. Kaye understands and portrays India and the people of India. As an Indian I can associate with the places, the people, their emotions, motivations and the people politics. This is a book I’ve read over 5 times now and yet in each re-read I’m just as hooked and enthralled as the first time.

Gone With The Wind

(Goodreads,,, Flipkart)
Gone With The Wind - Must Read Romance
Scarlett O’Hara is my all time favourite heroine. Her strength and attitude inspired me in my 20’s, she was the kind of girl I wanted to be, a go-getter who stands up to adversity and fights tooth and nail for what she wants. She did the not-done in her time, sometimes using guile and her feminine charms and at other times her stubbornness to get what she wanted.

She isn’t a character that is all good and yet I loved her for she seemed so human. Then there is Rhett Butler who forever in my mind became the epitome of a male hero. Suave, dashing and one who loves to a fault, he loves and knows Scarlett like no one else.

Pride and Prejudice

(Goodreads,,, Flipkart)
Pride & Prejudice - Must Read Romance
Elizabeth in Pride and Prejudice is another woman way ahead of her time, she stands up for herself, speaks her mind and doesn’t backdown in adversity. She fights for what she believes in, is the strength of her sisters and doesn’t finch when she is wrong and has to apologise.

Darcy is the perfect foil for her, starting out as someone who comes across as snobbish with his nose in the air, he wins over Elizabeth as she gradually gets to know him for his quiet strength and loyalty to his friends.

All three of the books have strong female characters that I can relate to and heroes that make my knees buckle and my heart turn to mush. Interestingly all three are set in different times and on three separate continents.

if you haven’t read any of these until now, you should. Stop here, and go get the book. 😀 If you’ve read any of these I’d like to here your thoughts on them and I’d love to talk more about them with you. So leave me a note in comments. :)

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