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Call Recorder: Automatic Call Recorder App Review | 26 Android Apps in April for the #AtoZchallenge

Automatic Call Recorder Android

One day after an hour long call with my bestie as I put down the phone I got thinking about how much we had spoken about, how much valuable stuff was there and how it was all lost now that the call was closed. All that was left of the call was in our heads.

I suddenly got the itch to find a way to save those moments and that led me to the Automatic Call Recorder. Since then, I’ve saved many calls, most of them are calls between us but I’ve also found the app useful when I’ve had issues with banks, credit cards, abusive callers, crank callers, and what not. With the app I have a recording as proof!

In India the Automatic Call Recorder is the best call recording app available, but if you live in the U.S. there are other apps you can avail for better quality, recording via a third line (so you get super clarity), etc.

Automatic Call Recorder Android


What the Automatic Call Recorder App’s supposed to do


The app records all calls that come through the phone (it does not record internet calls, like WhatsApp) and after the call is complete you can choose to save the call. Even that doesn’t have to be done immediately as the app stores more than one call (upto 300 in the free version), so you can save at your convenience.

You can sync your account with a cloud account. I use Google Drive, so all my saved calls get saved on Google Drive too.

There are a lot of options in settings so you can completely customise the app for yourself.

Automatic Call Recorder Android


How I’m using the Automatic Call Recorder App


I use a buffer for 20 calls and that’s my sweet spot. Enough backup without requiring me to rush save and yet not take up too much storage space on the phone.

I love that I can record calls and save them, either for memories, content or complaint. It’s a useful app to have, and it’s usefulness is realised only after you have a call you wish you had recorded.

Automatic Call Recorder Android


My thoughts on the Automatic Call Recorder App


The only drawback to this app is that it records through the speaker, so the voice of the person calling is very soft compared to your own in the recording. This can be corrected by having the call on speaker mode but that’s just too tedious.

But still this is an app I’m likely to have on every phone I own. I cannot overstate it’s value and it’s a hard learned lesson. Think of every time you call customer service and hear the recording telling you ‘This call is being recorded for quality and training purposes’, well, now you have your own recording too!


App details and link

Automatic Call Recorder Android

Stars – ★★★★★
Developer – Appliqato
Devices – Android
Size – 5.6M
Installs – 50,000,000 – 100,000,000
Link – Android Store

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