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Menaka’s Choice, Association of Small Bombs: This Week in Books

Elu and a Book

It’s been another week with not much reading done but I did get started and I’m halfway through Kavita Kané’s Menaka’s Choice, which I’m enjoying so much, I’m unable to put it down and complete watching the last two episodes of House of Cards.

Kavita Kané’s Menaka’s Choice

I spent another week with my niece and family and here are some pictures from it.

Pani PuriI love Pani Puri, it’s my favourite chaat. (It’s a crisp fired ball, filled with boiled peas & potatoes and topped with sweet chutney and spicy water; sorry no description can do justice) Since my Ayurvedic medications do not allow for tamarind I haven’t eaten these in over a year but my Aunt and Mom made these for me with out tamarind! You should have seen me hog!

Garden ProduceThe harvest this week. We got some early brinjal surprises, lots of methi, some tomatoes and even some spinach. I’ve been trying to grow spinach for a while now and failing. This bunch had me so excited, I was doing a little jig.

Garden ProduceTwo ends of a family tree. My Granny and her Great grand daughter.

Garden ProduceMom’s been wanting to do this for a long time. Finally she got her chance!

This week also started off the #AtoZchallenge in which participants blogs a letter a day through the month, A to Z in order, except for Sunday. This year I’m sharing 26 Android Apps I use, so if you use an android phone, do stop by and see which ones I like and do tell me which ones you use. I’ve got A and B done until now.
A for Audio Books: Audible App
B for Books Books Books: Goodreads App

Adding to the #TBR This Week


Just one book this week! [And maybe that’s a good thing considering my overloaded TBR list 😀 ]

Association of Small Bombs by Karan Mahajan
Association of Small Bombs by Karan Mahajan
(All The Books #46)
Small bombs explode almost all the time around the world and these bombs don’t get much of a mention in the news or don’t get noticed much by the world as the devastation they cause is just too small. But the destruction isn’t small to those who experience it.

That’s the story, the story of a survivor, his life and his guilt. The motivations of the bomb maker, what is it that lies behind these acts and those who help bring them fruition. It’s a story that’s calling me. 🙂

That’s it. Really. No more books this week. But tell me what have you been reading? What have you been upto this week?

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