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Running: Strava App Review | 26 Android Apps in April for the #AtoZchallenge

Strava Android

Exercise is a good thing, it makes you feel good, all those endorphins released make you feel like on top of the world. There is all the other beneficial stuff too, like it makes you live longer, you look better, and all that stuff but it’s this feeling of being invincible that gets me to put on my shoes and run.

I’ve had ‘run a marathon’ on my bucket list for many years but this year I’ve made a start towards it and I’m enjoying myself. I used to run in school and rediscovering it’s joys is just so awesome. I’m a long way yet from running a marathon but just running makes me feel so good.

That said, my target still is that marathon and only running towards it isn’t enough, there’s a lot more to this, nutrition, strength training, sleeping right, … and tracking progress to plan training better. That’s where Strava fits in.

Strava Android Strava Android


What the Strava App’s supposed to do


Strava tracks activity using GPS built into the phone. Activities it records are running and cycling (swimming can also be tracked but not via the app). It also syncs with devices like Suunto, Garmin, FitBit, etc. so you don’t always need your phone for tracking.

You start recording and run. At the end of the run the app gives you data about your run, your pace, elevation gain, heart rate, performance, etc. You can also join ongoing challenges on Strava to push yourself and get badges.

You can also follow your friends activities, give kudos to them and push yourself to do better with the community backing you. There is also an option to find running segments in your city, so you can find running buddies or compare your stats with others. The premium version of Stava offers more, like training videos, goals, etc.

Strava Android Strava Android


How I’m using the Strava App


I use Strava to track my runs via my Suunto and my walks with the dogs. That way I track mine and their exercise. 🙂

The data I get on my runs is helpful. It pushes me to do better, to break my own time records and get stronger and faster. It’s also nice to see what friends are doing, it creates a nice little space for some congenial competition and encouragement.

Strava Android Strava Android


My thoughts on the Strava App


I quite like using Strava, it’s way of showing data makes it easier to digest and make sense of, plus numbers just make me feel good. 😀 I haven’t found a need for the premium version yet as the free version satisfies all my needs.

Following friends and taking part in challenges adds to the fun. The app also tracks the gear used so it keeps count of how many kilometres my shoes have run.

Are you on Strava? Lets connect and run together 🙂


App details and link

Strava Android

Stars – ★★★★★
Developer – Strava Inc.
Devices – Android, IOS
Size – 30M
Installs – 5,000,000 – 10,000,000
Link – Android Store | iTunes Store

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