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Utilities and Groceries: BigBasket App Review | 26 Android Apps in April for the #AtoZchallenge

BigBasket Android

Things have changed so much over the years. I still remember a time when Mom would send me to the little store down the road to buy groceries and to buy in bulk, she went to the central market once a month. With time, the little stores got killed by supermarkets and those in turn by superstores like Spar.

But it didn’t stop at Spar and it’s likes either. From there it progressed to online stores where you could buy groceries and even ready to cook (cleaned and chopped) vegetables. And today it’s all doable on an app, you can buy all your groceries right on your phone.

I resisted this for quite a while, for over a year but I finally gave in and decided to try. The experience changed me into a regular on-the-phone-grocery-buyer. I now shop once a month for all my groceries online and enjoy having it all delivered at my doorstep.

BigBasket Android BigBasket Android


What the BigBasket App’s supposed to do


BigBasket is one India’s first phone app grocery stores. Now a big name in this sector and a popular service, it boasts of Shah Rukh Khan as it’s Ambassador.

The apps a variety of ways to shop, you can go through the whole catalogue (which is a large one), see the catalogue based on category, use the Smart Basket option that offers products based on your previous shopping, create your own lists or look at Quick Shop which shows the most popular items in each category.

There are also offers, discounts, promotions and bundle packs offered. Once you have selected your items, you go through to the cart, recheck and place an order. You will then be asked for your preferred delivery slot and you can even choose express delivery for certain items.

That’s it. Now just wait for it all to turn up at your doorstep. While buying it seems like I do save money but I’m not sure about that, however I don’t mind paying a little extra for the convenience.

BigBasket Android BigBasket Android


How I’m using the BigBasket App


I use BigBasket at least once a month, on rare occasions, twice a month. What I really like about it is the convenience of home delivery, the ease of comparing products and prices, and choosing a delivery time so I can plan my day.

My favourite feature though is the lists option. I’ve created lists for things I need every months, things I need to stock up on every so often, gardening stuff I need, etc. These lists make it easy for me to shop and make sure I don’t forget to buy something. I can also keep adding items as and when I notice the need through the month and they keep getting added to the cart.

Earlier I would make paper lists and go to the store and I always forgot to get something. With these lists I’m less likely to forget and since it’s on the phone and I’m at home, I can quickly check and see if I need a particular item on the list.

BigBasket Android BigBasket Android

BigBasket Android


My thoughts on the BigBasket App


The app is well laid out and shopping on it easy and enjoyable. And with each update I see the app and service getting better.

I miss the small around the corner stores and going with Mom to buy the months supplies but I also enjoy the convenience of online shopping. It takes away the experience but saves so much time.

I’m learning to strike a balance between them all, once in a few months I take time to go to the central market, in-between in the month I buy from the local store and every month I buy the bulk of my supplies online. It seems like the best of all worlds. :)


App details and link

BigBasket Android

Stars – ★★★★★
Developer –
Devices – Android, IOS
Installs – 1,000,000 – 5,000,000
Link – Android Store | iTunes Store

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