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Why You Should Also Participate in the Autumn Ninja Book Swap

The Autumn Ninja Book Swap

Autumn Ninja Book Swap

I’m a self-proclaimed booknerd, I love anything books, well almost. But the ninja book swap isn’t just anything; it’s this cool funky fun way to get more books, get gorgeous book paraphernalia and make some wonderful bookish friends.

This year I’ve been exploring the world of books outside of the book. I’ve been looking up podcasts, booktubers, book subscription boxes, bookmarks, book holders, … you name it. 😀

It was while searching for book subscription boxes that I first came across The Ninja Book Swap. I’d already missed the first swap of the year, but I marked my calendar and waited for the next one, I wanted to try it out, exchanging books with a stranger sounded like such a novel-fun idea to me.

Ninja Book Swap

My first and only ever ninja book swap before this was the Mini Swap in June. I signed up, created my list of books and started waiting for the actual exchange. By the time Bex’s email arrived a few days later, I was super excited and all charged up. I couldn’t wait.

I was so impatient, I sent off the book I chose immediately, deciding to send my letter separately to follow. Then another wait, this time to receive my package began. The book came a week later, followed by a letter a few more days later. Seems my partner thought just like me. 😀

My Ninja Book Swap

The whole exchange was so much fun, the initial anticipation, choosing a book for someone else, waiting for my book, the surprise of someone else’s choice, getting to know not one but two bookish folk. Yep, it was only after I got my bookswap parcel, that I realised that the person I sent a book to was not the one who sent me a book. 😛

Now, it’s time for another book Swap and I’m again, super excited. Sign-ups for the Autumn Ninja Bookshop are open and I can’t wait for pairing up to begin. (sign-ups close Oct. 2).

If you’ve never participated in a bookswap before, do it, it’s so fun, and don’t wait, join this one. It’ll be so cool to have friends in the swap. Tell me in comments if you are participating in the Autumn Ninja Book Swap.


Here’s some stuff you need to know about the Autumn Ninja Book Swap.


  1. You can sign up for a swap on
  2. There are two types of swaps – mini swaps and full swaps.
    Mini Swap – one book & a personal note
    Full Swap – one book, a gift or two & a personal note
  3. Sometimes swaps have themes, like this one is Trick or Treat, but you can also just do the original version, or both. 😀
  4. Make your choice of book and gift based on a list of your partner’s likes and dislikes and their bookish wishlist.
  5. Then make a nice shiny package and send it to your partner before the deadline.
  6. Lastly, start watching out for your package in the mail. 😉


  • More details about the Autumn Ninja Book Swap here
  • Read about How it Works (all the rules and terms) before signing-up.
  • More questions? Read the FAQ’s
  • Follow @NinjaBookSwap on Twitter for updates and announcements of swaps.
  • The Ninja Book Swap is an international event and Indian residents can participate (however some other countries may not be covered. Please check website).

That’s about it, it’s rather simple but it’s so much fun. I haven’t yet forgotten the excitement of last times swap and that was a mini swap. This time it’s a full swap with an additional theme twist. I’m all in for the original but can’t make up my mind on whether to do the the theme twist too. What do you think? Two swaps?? Are you participating???

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