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Pawsible Weekly: The Last Ten Days

I had intended for the Pawsible Weekly to be a weekly update of the dogs but this week I’m hijacking it to talk about travel, blogging and the dogs. 😀

We’ve been away for 9 days!!! It may not sound like much but it’s the longest we have ever been away. Leaving the doggies behind and travelling is just so difficult. It’s that feeling of leaving your heart behind… 🙁

The doggies though seem to have had a ball with Devisri of Urban Dawg. Here’s what they have been upto…

Cuckoo cuddles…

Buddha cuddles…

And even William cuddles!!!

The dogs lounge around…

Cuckoo displays how ‘Attention’ is done.

The dogs enjoy the morning sun. After this they all pass out under the fan and don’t venture out much in the heat.

But they did miss us for we got a welcome that lasted over half and hour when we returned last night. There was crazy amounts of jumping, running, circling and licking that made me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Some ten days ago I had posted about a surprise trip Che was planning. Well, now that we are back I can tell you, it was an amazing surprise. A trip to Meghalaya with JwM, that’s a knockout surprise!

The last 9 days were packed with sights, views, experiences, learnings, insights, limits, safaris, treks, bridges and what not. It was an amazing journey and I’ll share more of it soon.

It was a trip like never before and yet I’m also happy to be back. Back to the grind, my dogs, my blog, my life… You know the usual mundane stuff that makes up life. 😀

In other news I’m also looking forward to participating in the A to Z Challenge that starts on April 1st. I’d done it last year but not as a part of the challenge. This year though I’d like to give it a try – 26 days of blogging while choosing topics that start from A to Z. This should be fun.

I’m looking forward to blogging in April. It’ll be a good push to get me writing more. An excellent opportunity to make some new friends in the blogging space. And I hope to hone my writing skills too.

Last year I did words as a theme, this year I’m yet to make up my mind. There’s the option of words again. I’m inclined a bit towards 26 of my all time favourite books. And there’s also the idea germinating in my head of 26 cities/states/places in India I’ve been to. I can’t seem to make up my mind. 😕

So, Wish me all the best… 😉

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The Week That Was: Week 11

I’ve just gotten back from a composting and gardening workshop, and though I’m tired I feel all charged up. It was a fun-filled awesome day with loads of learning.

I’ll tell you more about in detail in a couple of days but for now here’s the bunch of us posing along with some transplanting we did.

Che has planned a surprise trip and he hasn’t told me where we are going. All I know is the dates and the packing list. I’m intrigued and really curious but I like surprises and hence I’m avoiding finding out about it. 😀

But with the trip coming up (we head off on 20th for 9 days) there’s a lot that got done this week and there’s a lot still to get done next week.

I got a lot of work done this week in advance since I’m travelling but I’m not going to bore you with that. Here’s some other fun stuff I did. 🙂

We had Gubbi come over for a play date and Elu and her were at it, for hours!

It’s been quite a while since I had Maggi. I just had to satisfy the craving but we gave it a twist with egg and peas. Like a friend said, it’s Maggburji!

Cuckoo, Elu, Senti and Buddha had coconut oil massages followed by baths.All on one day! And like that wasn’t enough I went over to help a friend give her dog a bath too! But Princess is pretty cool with drying herself. Here’s a glimpse.

After Princess’s bath, Buddha got a summer haircut! He wasn’t so happy during the haircut but he seems to be enjoying it now.

Remember the trip I mentioned. Here’s the shopping for it. Psst… I bought some stuff not for the trip too. After all, hubby was footing the bill. 😛

The Fan!!! #decathlon #fans #Bangalore #InstaCool

A video posted by @freya3377 on

And have you ever looked up in Decathlon. They’ve got these awesome fans!

Saturday night drinking after a long time! This was sure fun, as the the wavy return back home and the mild hangover the next morning. 😛

And last but in no way the least is Cuckoo, who does this classic thing when she’s wiping her paws after a poo. It’s taken me a while to capture it. (She’s scent marking I know but come-on her method is hilarious.)

With that we end… I’ll see ya in two weeks with a combined update after we get back from our surprise trip.

Do good and be safe. 🙂

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The Week That Was: Week 10


Last week was like every other week except for a few things that were different.

We started the week with catching up with friends over dinner to celebrate a project and got introduced to the band Oorali from Kerala. These guys played some wonderful and surprising music. For someone who doesn’t understand a word of Malayalee I was mesmerised by the music. Truly music has no language!

#houseparty #epic

A video posted by Chenthil (@chenthilmohan) on

The dogs have been sleeping inside with us and it’s a wonderful feeling waking up their faces in the morning. Not so nice though when they fart in your face during the night. 😀



Some nights I have to fight to get my sleeping spot…



There’s a lot of these guys popping up in one of the fields we walk though. Thorny buggers but yet so beautiful!



And the tabebuias are in full bloom all over the layout. The world seems a splash of yellow!


Elu can sometimes be quite the poser!


The freak rains were a welcome respite from the heat. Cuckoo, William and I have a common love for the rain. We can sit and watch it for hours!



William tears up when he eats. The more he eats the more tears there are! 😛

We had a girls day out at Teena’s where we caught up over lunch. Little Avni spent the afternoon cutely and constantly asking ‘What does fish do’ to get us to make a fish with our hands. 🙂



And Teena made these awesome starters. A papaya salad and salami wraps. We ate 3 plates of those wraps!



Beautiful decal isn’t it? I saw it an an Aunt’s when I managed to make it for a late lunch after a hectic meat run and sort. I want to do something like it at home.

What have you been upto this week?

March 8, 2015   No Comments

The Week That Was: Week 9

Time for another week that was! This week started out beautifully with me being super productive and getting tons done. But come Thursday diarrhoea hit and left me in with only two optional positions – flat out in bed or crouched on the pot.

By Saturday the diarrhoea had subsided and left behind abdominal cramps that are still twistingly my insides like women twist clothes to remove excess water. It’s been 4 sleep deprived nights in a row now. 🙁

But that’s not all that happened,… here’s a peek at all the other stuff 😀

Winter’s fading away and the heat is setting in with all it’s merciless intensity, so we’ve been trying to make the most of the early cool mornings!


Cuckoo and I using the early morning sun for a quick photo opp to look real tall. 😀


Buddha caught in the act of digging again. He loves doing this at least once every morning when I’m not watching. I think he’s digging a tunnel, only I keep filling it up. 😉


My little guy loves the chair even more than I do!


Cuckoo caught napping, notice the dirt still stuck to her nose… 😛


It’s taken a long time to get from green to orange but I love how the burst of colour looks.The aracanut seems ready but I’m not sure. Should I take it down now? What happens next?


Insects spotted this week at Pawsible – 

The Death Head Moth is considered a bad omen in many cultures because of the mask-type face it has on its back.


Humming Bird Moth! It had this lovely parrot green colour on its head and fur that almost seemed like feathers! And oh so pretty eyes…


A beautiful wasp I spotted near the doggie water bowls but have no idea what it is. Let me know in comments you can identify it.


And it rained, yesterday and today. Unannounced, unplanned, unexpected. It seems it’s raining almost across the whole country. It’s good to feel the rain (and smell it too) but does it mean the summer’s going to be that much hotter?

What do you think? Did it rain in your city too? What did you do this last week?

March 1, 2015   No Comments

The Week That Was: Week 7 & 8

The last two weeks have been immense fun. I’ve been away from home, work, my blog and life as usual but still it’s been an eventful time.

I spent my first week away in Calicut attending my cousin’s wedding. I’ve been looking forward to this for almost a year now. And all that prep paid off as I enjoyed my time away without having to worry about the dogs or home.

Big thanks are due to the Hubby and Devisri who managed the show without a hitch. Devisri Sarkar is not only a dog behaviourist but a superstar doggie-sitter and if you have a dog, you should follow her on Urban Dawg on Facebook.

Here’s some photos that I hope will tell a little about my wedding week. 😀

Starting off for Calicut. Three generations of women.

My Grandmom loves mehendi!

My first view of Calicut from the balcony of the apartment we lived in.

One more photo please… We managed to squeeze in a little shopping too!

Super sour chopped marinated mango topped on crushed ice. I love maraaf-golas’s and sour stuff but this combo was too much even for me!

Coconut pulp, coconut milk, coconut water, Milk powder, sugar and elaichi makes for an absolute yum drink!

Me as I am rarely ever seen. This is a Rida, a version of the burkha, a compulsory requirement when you go to any community areas.

The Bride

The groom. How can he not say Qabul when thats the bride…

My lil niece who’s a doll!!

I got back all tired yet happy and promptly went for a hair cut. It’s been 5 years since I have had short hair. Short hair feels awesome! 😀

Two days of running about completing the incompletes and we were off again for a quick holiday. (After a wedding there must be a honeymoon, no? 😀 ) Che and I took off for a couple of days to Red Earth in Kabini.

I’ll do a review of the place soon but for now let it suffice to say, the place is great. Great ambience, stay, food, people and service. This place rocks!

Here’s a few photos I took while there…


Some of the life at Red Earth. There’s a lot I didn’t take pictures of, like the 20+ species of birds I saw…

The jacuzzi in our cottage. It was my first time ever in a jacuzzi.

Sunrise on the Kabini Reservoir…

My time way has left me refreshed and rejuvenated. Now it’s back to the grind. 😉

What have you been up to?

February 22, 2015   No Comments

The Week That Was: Week 6

This week has been a crazy week. Wait, did I just say crazy. Hrrump… It’s true this has been a crazy week, but then so is every week and crazy is my favourite word. So, lets try again with something else. 😀

This week has been maddening, chaotic, hectic, simply put crazy busy. 😛

I started the week with welcoming Mom and Granny back after their two month sojourn. It’s good to have them back…

The rest of the week sped past as I tried to (and am still trying) wrap up stuff. (I head out to Calicut for my cousin’s wedding on Tuesday and there is just so much to do before that.)

I visited Doctor Prince, a well known Ayurveda doctor who has been recommended so many times, I just had to go meet him for my cold and gastritis. One more attempt, hopefully my last.

This lady surprised me at the Doc’s when she switched from a Tamil newspaper to Harry Potter. I couldn’t resist asking if this was her first time.
She grinned and replied, ‘It’s my fourth time, I really like these books’… 😀


The dogs got a much needed bath. Well not all, two done, now it’s four more to go…

Managed to fit in a visit to Mom’s so I could put together some of the clothes I’m going to wear for the various events with it’s coordinated jewellery. Glad I did it, coz all blouses are tight! 😛

Granny though doesn’t have that worry and she was more intent on showing me her latest acquisition. Her latest gift from the Amricas…

My compost bin was overflowing and so got that one out of the way too. Got some lovely black gold to sprinkle around the garden once I’m back.


The rest has been just all work, which makes for boring photos so here are some cute ones… 😀

The Style Guy!


The toy that lasted less than a minute 😀


Ebony and Ivory!


MISS Red Riding Hood…


The cuddlers…


After trying this whole week to fit blogging in with the tight schedule, I’ve officially given up. I’m taking a two week time-out from the blog.

For now I’m focusing to getting the house, dogs, and work sorted while keeping a sane head and managing to pack all I need for the wedding.

See you guys once I’m back. Have fun folks! 😉

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My Week in Photos: A Howler from Cuckoo

A glimpse of the past week with a random collection of photos taken by me and Che through the week. 🙂

It’s bath week and between Che and me we got 4 dogs done. Got two more to go!


Senti and William have been getting a little cozy this week. That’s a new milestone in their relationship!

Cuckoo has her very own TV at home. You should see her watch with rapt attention from this vantage point…

And if you haven’t had enough of Cuckoo you can listen to her too!

Here’s what busy mornings look like at Pawsible…

Che calls this photo “My Muses”, but I’ve put it here because I love how my hair is curling and that’s what I look like when I’m trying hard to catch up on some writing!

Bakri Eid is coming up on Monday and the cattle markets are in full swing… The same grounds that were full of Ganesh Idols and then Durga Idols, are now full of goats…

What had you been upto last week?

October 5, 2014   No Comments

My Week in Photos: I & Monkey and An All New Kindle Paperwhite

A glimpse of the past week with a random collection of photos taken by me and Che through the week. 🙂

Elu posed in the middle of playing… Check out that look!

I see these centipedes by the kg every morning and sometimes they are recreating the Kamasutra ;D

We had a crazy thundershower that brought down my drumstick tree. And it had just started flowering. 🙁

I see this lock every morning on our walk. Crazy isn’t it… (There is another lock on that door too, can you find it?)

Che and I had an awesome lunch on Saturday at I & Monkey

Max all curled up and cute. He’s losing weight and getting so active and cuddly.

Che as a privileged customer was invited to an event on Sunday. Thanks to the blaady traffic we were late and missed meeting Jeff Bezos but we did get an all new Kindle Paperwhite. And since Che has one already, it’s mine, all mine ;D

The last screen after the first start of the Kindle Paperwhite…

What had you been upto last week?

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