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Friday Review: Afghani Qabuli & Biryani

I consider myself a foodie even though I am quite a fussy eater. Well, you know like haggis, there’s going to be a lot of fuss before I eat that. 😀

But seriously, I do love trying out new food and exploring flavours so when I am offered an option to go to a new restaurant, I’m not one to say no.

We’d heard of Afghani Qabuli & Biryani from friends who recommended it highly and so one afternoon we headed out to check it out.

Situated on Nehru Main Road in Kammanahalli, this little Afghan place is hidden away and yet easy to find. The layout on the inside is simple with a comfortable seating arrangement that can accommodate a couple or even a large group. The walls are covered with paintings and pictures of Afghanistan.

We settled in and ordered what we had been told was the best dish in the house. The Afghani Traditional Mutton Gravy with Qubus and Chakni. It comes with a mug of Afghani Traditional Dogh so we asked for that to be made two.

The mutton gravy was served in a large dish what facilitated the tradition form of community eating. We broke bread and dug in, breaking off only to sip on our dogh’s. The gravy was lovely and yum with about 7-8 pieces of boneless meat. The dogh is something else, refreshing and quite close in taste to our raitha and yet so very different.

Service is fast with minimal waiting time. Service is also done with courtesy and a smile. We enjoyed lunch but that wasn’t all we ate. We were also served a complimentary plate of firni, boy you should have see the smiles on Che and my face. 😀

We enjoyed our experience so much, we’ve been there again, and this time along with the mutton gravy we also tried the Afghani Traditional Biryani. This was also great in taste but maybe not my favourite since I don’t like sweetish food too much.

Over all this is a must visit place if you like Arabian/Afghani food. A nice ambience, well lit, simple and clean. Not noisy music, delectable food, impressive service and light on the pocket pricing (Our bill was about Rs.500 for 2 people). This place has it all!

My Rating –
Ambiance – ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Music –        ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Food –          ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Service –     ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Price –         ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷


Afghani Qabuli & Biryani – Zomato

Phone – +91 9008735522

Location – Shop 21, Nehru Main Road, Kammanahalli, Bangalore 560084

March 6, 2015   No Comments

Friday Review: I & Monkey – The Resto-Lounge

***Disclaimer – I & Monkey is owned by a friend but the following review has no bias because of it. What I say is what I got and what I felt. 😉

Che and I have not done a lunch together is a long time now. Let me explain that. Considering that I don’t like cooking so much and Che is too busy to cook usually, we eat out a fair bit, however our eating out is more about getting the meal done (and at a cheap price) rather than eating a meal.

So, last Saturday when we headed out and contemplated a meal we would sit down and enjoy, I was all excited. A sit down meal together outside is like a date, filled with good food and quality time together. A time to unwind and rewind.

Cruising around Indiranagar we were trying to make up our minds on where to eat, when I saw I & Monkey and the decision was made. I’ve known Sathish who owns the place for years now and have lost count of the number of times I’ve have been to his first place Windsor Pub. But somehow even though I & Monkey has now been around for over a year I hadn’t made it here yet. It was time to correct the grave wrong and check out Sathish’s now not so new place. 😉

I walked in tentatively, not knowing what to expect and looking around to absorb it all. There were three seating areas to choose from, a tent type roofed room with warm light, a room with pub-ish decor and a bar and this little small space that was well lit with a dash of green. The host stepped up asking us where we would like to sit and I just looked at him unsure of my choice. He smiled and led us to the little white and green space that seemed perfect, I thought as I sat down, for a couple to have some together time.

It didn’t take us long to make up our minds about the thirst quenching drink. 😀 Please note we were spoiled for choice in the liquor menu but the cocktail section beckoned and before long Che and I had settled down with a Mohito and a Black Magic. I’d never had a Black Magic before but the description listed about 5 types of alcohol and blackcurrant juice as ingredients, and I was feeling adventurous. 😀

To go along with the drinks we choose Chilli Sambal Fish as a starter (after much discussion over the variety on offer). I’m not much of a fishy person but lately I’ve been experimenting and enjoying myself with fish. This one didn’t disappoint either, and it was so good Che and I almost came to blows over the last piece and were saved just in time by the flambe cart arriving.

Yep, you guessed right, I was going to have a flambe. 😛 While Che ordered a T-bone steak, I chose Flambeed Beef Medallions as the main course. Watching the flambe was fun, as you can see in the video. 😀 But eating the resultant dish was way more fun. I enjoyed it immensely and polished off every bit.

To round off and complete the meal we decided to culminate it with dessert and coffee. Che had Tiramisu and an Americano while I had an Absolute Nirvana with a Cappuccino. Gawd that dessert really was Absolute Nirvana. I oohhed and aahhed my way through it, too full to eat it all and yet unable to stop until I had finished it all.

It was a lot, and I mean a lot coz Che and I sat there for a while before we managed to get up and move again. 😛 It was a meal I enjoyed in all the aspects, ambiance, service, flavour,… The food was so good we couldn’t rush through it and that meant some amazing time and conversation together. The bill was about 3,500 bucks but it was worth every penny.

I’m looking forward to another trip to I & Monkey, after all there is so much to sample yet on that menu. 😉 If you are looking for a place to unwind, catch up and eat some awesome food, I & Monkey is the place to go to, especially for lunch. :)

My Rating –
Ambiance – ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Music –        ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Food –          ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Service –     ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷
Price –         ✷ ✷ ✷ ✷


I & Monkey – Website & Facebook

Phone – +91 80 40923656 / +91-80-40923657

Location – Indira Nagar, 12th Main

October 3, 2014   No Comments