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“Bisi bisi, Seedless Kadlaykai” 26-27 June 2004

I did it, I did it… my legs weren’t a part of me and they still aren’t, its as if they a life of their own. Can’t believe they actually climbed more then 9 km and walked about 23km over the weekend, am so amazed… Its been a fantastic weekend…

Had gone on a trek this weekend. We left here at about 8:30 in the morning on Saturday and went to Harihara via Kanakpura. On the way we saw a Veeragallu (hero stone) which is quite rare as it had 4 layers of carvings. From Harihara we started our trek up to Soligere through Basavana Betta Forest. Soligere is the highest hill in Kanakpura Taluk about 1500 msl. Climbing for about 9 km we reached the top at about 4:30pm. The top of the hill is about 1.5 km from Soligere village. At the top there is just a small lodge with a outhouse which is about 500years old and was used by the kings as a hunting lodge. Though the best part about the top is the view, it is one of the only places in Kanakpura where you would get about 150 degree view. I just sat for hours staring at the scenic valley below. You can see the Cavery winding through the valleys right from Shivsamudra to Galibore and beyond, Shimsha as a silver streak in the hill, Nagmalai where starts M M hills. You can even identify the fishing camps at Galibore, Bheemeshwari and Doddamakalli. The wind is superb blowing in from 3 directions. The scene just got better and better as evening closed in, with the wind bringing in the mist, the villages all lighting up, it looked like a star-studded valley. I wonder if this description described well enough the beauty of it all, I still feel I didn’t absorb enough.

Later after dinner we had a talent show and had a good number if laughs with all the jokes and imitations. Prasanna (this guy I met there) did an excellent imitation of an auto in the city and kept coming up behind people went they least expected it and in a completely Cubbon park voice saying “Bisi bisi, Seedless Kadlaykai”.

We slept that night in 2 small cramped rooms terrified to even answer nature’s call as we were warned about elephants wandering about in the vicinity. In the morning we went on a nature trail looking for footprints and all. Saw some lovely birds and beetles.

After which had breakfast and left with packed lunch for Mutatti. The locals informed us of elephant activity in the area so had to proceed slowly. Mid-way we had to change routes as there were elephants ahead and we couldn’t go past them, so had to follow a different trail. Saw some elephant tracks and fresh dung, though the highlight was seeing dung beetles, hadn’t ever thought would see them in India. They are superb…

Once we reached Mutatti we then went down to the Cavery and played in the water for a long time. Had to hold on for dear life due to the water current but it felt so relaxing. We then headed back home. The roads are superb with mountains on both sides, and what curves, ooh la la… To top it all it rained on the way back. To finish the trip we had Benne Dosa and hot coffee. One amazing weekend, great people, great place, superb fun…

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