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Posts from — November 2004


Am a little bored today… no thats not the truth. The truth is that I am tired, quite drained trying to juggle different areas of my life. Its not that I don’t enjoy this, well I love pressure and work best under pressure. My best qualities and attributes come out then.

But then there are times when you have to make choices coz you can’t give your best to all of the areas. And then there will be those times when two of them are equally weighted and the choice is difficult. So after all the thinking you choose to go with both and then its quite alot that you go through. Its a test of physical, mental and emotional strength.

Its fun yes. Have enjoyed this feeling completely over the last two days. My work is important to me and concidering the FSA deadline and the fact that work needs to be done before I leave for UK on Saturday the 13th of November 2004. And then there is also my love life, knowing that while in UK will not be able to speak to Shamz wanna spend as much time with him as possible. So then its been day in office and night on the phone for the last two days with only 4 hours of sleep (that also with difficulty).

Hyper acidity which doesn’t seem to be getting any better only worse. Slow mental response, heightened absent-mindedness. Its all a part of this and somehow (quite funny) its brings a feeling of euphoria. Can’t understand it but love this state completely.

So then again its a choice I make and like I say you may regret a decision but never a choice…

November 10, 2004   No Comments