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Project Facebook Timeline: Why & How To Get Timeline for your Facebook Profile

A friend moved his Facebook profile to the new Timeline and I liked what I saw and thought why not? So, what’s so great about Timeline and why should you switch.

Timeline offers you a way to navigate though someone’s life. You can go back to when they were born, went to college, dated, married, had kids, etc. It’s a great way to skim though the highlights of friend’s life.

Imagine you found a friend from college 10 years after passing out. It’s a thrill to find old friends on Facebook and I’m always on the lookout but when I do find them it seems like there has been such a gap in who they are now and whom I knew. Timeline’s great for that. I can scroll back in time and see the highlights of what my friend has been up to in the last 10 years; I like that idea.

Like a lot of Facebook ideas, Timeline will take sometime to get used to but after a while you’d be wondering how you lived without it. Its one of those things I like and don’t like about Facebook. Mark seems to know what I need better than I do – that’s a bit rattling.

You should get Timeline if you’d like friends to be able to see the highlights of you life. It’s a nice way to tell the story of your life and share those high points.
So how do you get Timeline and what do you need to do to set it up?

Timeline is still a choice but soon it will be rolled out for everyone whether you want it or not. I recommend getting it early, that way you have more time to play with it and set it up.

When you choose to use Timeline, note that there is no going back. You cannot disable it, so think before you hit the Get Timeline button.

To get Timeline for your Facebook account click here.

Aside: If you want to remember what your Facebook profile looked like before Timeline, remember to take screenshots before clicking the button. Here’s how my Profile looked before Timeline. 🙂

Now that you’ve enabled Timeline, you need to know that it is visible only to you for the next 7 days. Facebook gives you 7 days to set up Timeline the way you want it to look before its published and visible to friends and everyone else (based on your Privacy Settings).

Here’s are things to do in the next 7 days.

1. Add a Cover Image to your profile. This is different from your profile picture and is a great way to say something about yourself. This image can be changed and edited over time as your life story progresses.

My husband and 3 dogs are a big part of my life and say so much about me.

2. Update your profile information. Add in work details, school details, etc. It makes finding you easier (assuming you want to be found :D)

3. Now the most important job to be done; also the one that takes the most amount of time. Go though your Timeline and remove the posts and status messages you don’t want shown in the Timeline. You don’t need to delete them, just hide them.

At the top-right-hand corner of each post you will find a little settings button when you mouse-over the post. Click the button and choose your option.

You can either scroll down the Timeline to go through posts or go to the Activity Log from your Profile page (the button shows just below your Cover image) to do your house keeping.

4. If you’ve cleared up your Timeline before the 7-day deadline, you can go ahead and publish it to make it public or just wait for it to be published after 7 days.

5. Last but not the least – remember that the house keeping you did isn’t a one-time activity. It’s an ongoing job. You should come back from time to time and clear up posts you don’t want seen.

Here’s what my Timeline looks like.

Have you got Timeline for your Facebook Profile? What do you think about it? Like it?

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