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Book Review: Lady Sophia’s Rescue by Cheryl Bolen

Title: Lady Sophia’s Rescue
Author: Cheryl Bolen
Paperback: 20,000 words
Publisher: Self-pub Kindle (Aug. 22th 2011)
Genre: Historical Regency Romance
Read: eBook
Stars: ***/5
Summary: (GoodReads)
As Lady Sophia passes through the gates of her new bridegroom’s country estate and he begins to whisper in her ear the delights that await her in his bed, Lady Sophia realizes she has made a most dreadful mistake. There’s only one thing to do. She must bolt.

The bride-on-the-run is rescued by the exceedingly handsome William Birmingham who thinks she’s a woman named Isadore, and though he’s the richest man in England, she mistakes him for a common (but well-to-do) criminal. Since she’d rather be dead than wed to her wretched bridegroom, Sophia pretends to be Isadore and take her chances with the provocative Mr. Birmingham. But how could she have known that her ruse would bring the gallant Mr. Birmingham into such peril from the wicked man she married? And how could she have known her enigmatic rescuer would ignite passions she never knew she possessed?

My Review:

Lady Sophia’s Rescue is a nice feel-good read. My only complaint is that its too short. Yes, I know it is a novella but I wish Bolen had sketched out the story more. It could definitely have been a full-fledged book.

I really liked the characters but again they could have been sketched out more. I would have liked to know each of them better. Especially Mr. Birmingham – he must have so many adventures to recount. And the villain Mr. Finkel – he seemed to give up so easily, I would rather he had put up a bit of a fight.

The story has a sense of adventure that is fun as you read but the end leaves you with a lot of loose strings and unanswered questions. I would have liked to know more about the scandal involving Lady Sophia’s sister and the yarn about the gold bullion would have made for excellent reading. I so was looking forward to the real Isadora’s entry.

Aside: The book cover could definitely have been better. Cutting off the heroine’s head at the top of the cover just seems gruesome and odd.

On the whole I enjoyed reading the novella and look forward to more books from Cheryl Bolen.

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