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Zero Dollar Books – Free eBooks for the Amazon Kindle

A few months ago Amazon started a new program called the KDP Select for authors. This program offers authors a few ways to promote their books but the main points are that authors can join the 90 day program that allows Amazon Prime members to borrow their book and they can give away their book for free on the Kindle for 5 days.

This means that there are quite a few books being given away free everyday and this is what excites me. But finding these books isn’t easy, at least on Amazon. There are a few sites that help you find these books but my favourite is Zero Dollar Books.

Here’s what I like about Zero Dollar Books
It shows the current free books on Amazon is a nice layout (quite like Pinterest).
Seeing book covers helps me make a better choice.
The list is updated regularly (a few times a day).
Clicking on the book cover leads me to the book’s Amazon page.
Getting the book is now just a few clicks.

Cons –
Wish there was a way to sort by category/genre.
Not all books show. I’ve noticed a few books that are free but not listed here.

I’ve tried following and joining a few other sites for free kindle books but Zero Dollar Books is the one I seem to gravitate to regularly. Actually everyday – checking the list for updated free books is now a part of my everyday routine 😀

Ofcourse tracking these books after I get them was getting difficult after about a week so now I have two GoodReads lists – one for my Kindle-to-Reads and the other for my Reference-Books-on-Kindle.

The books available everyday range from romance to cooking to farming and I’ve been building my library 🙂 Now before I sound like some cheap reader who is only after free books. Let me say – Hey, I’m cheap and proud of it! But frankly this way I’ve read books from authors I’d never have found or read before and even bought some books to finish the series.

So thank you authors for giving away your books to readers like me. I hope I can pay you back by reviewing and sharing your work. Hey fellow reader, why are you still here? You better be off to Zero Dollar Books!

Where do you get your free books? Do you even get free books? Which sites do you recommend?

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