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Falling In Love in Thailand

Over the years I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve fallen in love. The first man I can actually remember falling in love with was Big Ears, he was just so adorable, then of course came along Rhett Butler who swept me off my feet and after him, well… the list goes on.

Last year we went to Thailand and landed up watching ‘Law and Order: Criminal Intent’ there on late night TV. It was the first time I saw Detective Goren. It was love at first sight even though I didn’t realise it. Back here in India Law and Order is aired on FoxCrime and I haven’t missed an episode.

There’s something about Robert Goren that makes him a man of intrigue to me. He’s complex with a mind that is constantly surprising me, he’s unpredictable, obessive, intelligent, has these strange cute quirks like cocking his head when interrogating a suspect and he’s good looking too! What more could I ask for 😀

If you’re asking who’s Detective Goren, here’s a little bit about him.
Detective Robert ‘Bobby’ Goren is played by Vincent D’Onofrio in the television series Law and Order: Criminal Intent. The show ran from 2001 to 2011 with Goren in 141 episodes of the 10 seasons aired. Goren is a detective investigator first grade for the Major Case Squad of NYPD and his partner is Det. Alexandra Eames.

I figured I should get to know the man better, so, here’s 13 things I didn’t know about Detective Goren…

1. Robert O. Goren was born on August 20, 1961, and grew up in the Canarsie neighborhood of Brooklyn.
2. His mother Frances (one-me librarian) first started showing symptoms of schizophrenia when Goren was seven years old. She eventually dies of lymphoma.
3. Goren’s estranged older brother, Frank, is a drug addict with a gambling problem.
4. His legal father William Goren was an alcoholic and serial adulterer and his biological father Mark Ford Brady was a serial rapist and murderer.
5. Goren served in the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division after college. He was stationed in Germany in 1987, and did a six-month tour in South Korea.
6. While stationed in Germany with the U.S. Army he learned to speak German and also read the Koran in a youthful attempt to impress a German-Turkish girl.
7. Goren joined the NYPD after leaving the army and spent four years in the Narcotics Division. He was responsible for three sting operations that resulted in 27 arrests and 27 convictions.
8. His Badge Number is 4376 and Social Security number is 845-67-3906.
9. Eames has a higher rank than Goren; he is junior prtner and she’s senior partner.
10. One of Goren’s favorite magazines is the Smithsonian Magazine. He subscribes to it because fits well on his treadmill.
11. Goren enjoys dancing and hates beaches however he does go to one while on a case.
12. He is unmarried and pro-choice.
13. Goren is left-handed and wears size 13 shoes.

Alright thats it. I’m off to watch some more Law and Order and make eyes at Det. Goren 😀

Have you fallen in love with charaters from books and movies? Who’s your current character love?

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