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Posts from — February 2015

The Asus IndiBlogger Meet 2015: #GoSleeekAsusExperience

Photo Credit: IndiBlogger

One of the highlights of this week was the Indiblogger meet on Friday. I first heard about it in an email from them and as always promptly called Vidya to ask if she was going too.

There was a requirement to write a post that compared the latest Asus ebook and ET PC that had me wondering. I don’t like doing promo posts on my blog unless it ties-in in some way with the objective of my blog. So…

Vids and I talked and grudgingly agreed to write posts so we could get an excuse to meet-up. Then 5 days before the event, as I struggled to get myself to sit down and write, I find an email invite to the event. You should have seen me air punch with glee.

A quick call confirmed Vids had got a mail too. Now, the plan was on and without writing a promotional post. Yippee… 😀

Friday couldn’t come fast enough and the week slowly rolled past. Creeping and crawling along, Friday did get here and I headed out on my long cross-country trip to ITC Gardenia.

This time the Indiblogger Team was authenticating people with ID proof! That was a new one, I’d never had to do that until now and I wonder why it was required this time.

Photo Credit: IndiBlogger

Registration complete we headed in and settled down around tables. I don’t know why this happens but almost always there will be women tables and mens tables. It just happens and it’s just weird!

The event started with a performance from the Indiblogger Team. And it was fun I say! Here’s a glimpse.

This was followed by an icebreaker in which each person had to convince people to give them something personal. The objective was to get as many articles as possible. The results were fascinating – some people got over 20 items, some managed to collect so rather expensive articles and some collected smart things like autographs and selfies.

This was followed by a presentation by the Asus guys on the Asus EeeBook X205 and the All-in-One PC ET 2040, which are the latest products from the Asus stable.

Considering that I have used an Asus laptop for the last two years, this is a brand I like. The EeeBook was light and felt nice on the fingers but I overheard the tech bloggers saying that it’s memory specs were not great.

The PC looked really interesting in the presentation but the real thing turned out to be too big for my liking, almost as big as a TV. But that said it did have this rather cool feature of reading gestures.

This activity was followed by the group being broken up into 4 teams. Each team was given a theme and we had to do a skit on blogging based on the theme.

Team 2 according to me was the best. When came up with their own blogging related lyrics and danced to Gangam Style. I was in Team 2 and our topic was Pirates of the Caribbean. I was water girl as you can see. 😛

Photo Credit: IndiBlogger

By the time all this got done, we were running a bit late, so Anup announced that all winners would be announced in a couple of days, the group photo got taken and everyone charged towards the dinner counters.

Photo Credit: IndiBlogger

The rest you know. I dabowed and ate. There was a large spread but the Dum Biryani was the hero for me and I even ate seconds. Desserts were so-so, the mud pie and Mysore Pak were the only ones I enjoyed. Eating complete, the race was on again to get home.

I have two reasons for attending a blogger meet. 1. It’s a chance to meet blogger friends who you won’t landup meeting otherwise. 2. There’s lots of freebies to be won.

This time I caught with friends and we talked dime a dozen trying to catchup with all that had happened in almost a year. But the event lacked freebies. For the first time in over 4 blogger meets I came back home empty-handed.

Greedy me but I hope IndiBlogger has more prizes next time. 😮 And more events too since there hasn’t been one in a long time and this was the first one of 2015.

Overall a good evening spent with friends. May this year have many more of those. 🙂

February 1, 2015   2 Comments