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The Pawsible Weekly – 1st Edition

I’ve been meaning to start this series for a few months now but I’ve just not gotten down to it. I kept putting it off thinking a intro would be needed and introducing 6 dogs is a lot of writing. So I did what I do best sometimes – procrastinate.

But here I am now starting off just like that. Along the way I introduce you to my pack. Kind of like how I got to know them, they came into my life at different points in time not only in my life but in theirs too.

The idea of this post is to make a weekly update of all that’s dog here. A way for those who know my brat pack to follow them and a way for me to keep record. This is all about them, whats happening to them, what they are doing and everything else.

Now, just so you know them, here’s a quick introduction, in age order.

Buddha, my wise old one, the oldest in my pack, he’ll be 11 this year.

William, the majestic one. He’s a golden who thinks he’s a ;ion with a full mane. Going to be 10, he’s a cranky loveable one.

Max or MaxiTaxi as I love calling him comes next in the line up at 9 and loves to eat and sleep. Ah yes, he loves being petted too!

Cuckoo the Bird-Brain, thinking she is a bird and even after 6 years we haven’t managed to get her to believe otherwise.

Sentimeter or Senti can kill you with love and licks. He believes he was born to lick every price of exposed fresh throughly and completely. (Also 6)

And then there’s Elu my free spirit. She’s just turning 1 and is the life and heart of this pack.

Alright so that’s my six, I’ll eventually introduce each one in detail and tell you their stories.

Cuckoo was our first and then the rest have just come in one after the other. They fill my life with joy. Somedays they are a handful and tiring but I’ve never regretted saying yes to Che when he picked up that small patchy mutt from the dustbin and asked if we could keep her.

The current news is that they all did well while I was away and have been good doggies. That said there were a few glitches.

Max has been having an explosion of ear wax for a while now and while I was away Che discovered he had mites. A through cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and over a week of daily cleaning with ACV is showing results. The wax formation has drastically reduced and hopefully will be fully under control soon.

The other glitch was Elu, who started showing signs of pain a day before I was due to return from Calicut. She has a bump on her back and refused to allow anyone to touch it. Considering the insects she demolishes, we figured it was a nasty bite.

Then the next day she broke out into bumps. It looked like a swarm of mosquitoes had descended on her and had a meal. A visit to the Vet brought up two options – a toxic bite or a bacterial infection. It seemed to have gotten bad too fast for a bacterial infection, so the conclusion is a nasty bite. For now the little one is on antibiotics and seeking coconut oil & medicated baths.

And after a few days for not being herself, she is back to being herself – My silly wacky puppy. Destroying every leaf and miscellaneous other things in sight. 😀

That’s it for this week. I’ll be back next Monday with another update. 🙂

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