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The Week That Was: Week 6

This week has been a crazy week. Wait, did I just say crazy. Hrrump… It’s true this has been a crazy week, but then so is every week and crazy is my favourite word. So, lets try again with something else. 😀

This week has been maddening, chaotic, hectic, simply put crazy busy. 😛

I started the week with welcoming Mom and Granny back after their two month sojourn. It’s good to have them back…

The rest of the week sped past as I tried to (and am still trying) wrap up stuff. (I head out to Calicut for my cousin’s wedding on Tuesday and there is just so much to do before that.)

I visited Doctor Prince, a well known Ayurveda doctor who has been recommended so many times, I just had to go meet him for my cold and gastritis. One more attempt, hopefully my last.

This lady surprised me at the Doc’s when she switched from a Tamil newspaper to Harry Potter. I couldn’t resist asking if this was her first time.
She grinned and replied, ‘It’s my fourth time, I really like these books’… 😀


The dogs got a much needed bath. Well not all, two done, now it’s four more to go…

Managed to fit in a visit to Mom’s so I could put together some of the clothes I’m going to wear for the various events with it’s coordinated jewellery. Glad I did it, coz all blouses are tight! 😛

Granny though doesn’t have that worry and she was more intent on showing me her latest acquisition. Her latest gift from the Amricas…

My compost bin was overflowing and so got that one out of the way too. Got some lovely black gold to sprinkle around the garden once I’m back.


The rest has been just all work, which makes for boring photos so here are some cute ones… 😀

The Style Guy!


The toy that lasted less than a minute 😀


Ebony and Ivory!


MISS Red Riding Hood…


The cuddlers…


After trying this whole week to fit blogging in with the tight schedule, I’ve officially given up. I’m taking a two week time-out from the blog.

For now I’m focusing to getting the house, dogs, and work sorted while keeping a sane head and managing to pack all I need for the wedding.

See you guys once I’m back. Have fun folks! 😉

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